12 Top “High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites”

Top 12 lists of High PR dofollow social bookmarking sites that you can use to bookmark your posts to help your post to have a better place in search engines result page.

In today tip, i will share about in which bookmarking sites that i have used to bookmark my “good” post and mostly i have traffics from this sites because i have promoted my post in the right category. Also these dofollow bookmarking sites can help our site to be in the top of SERPs. Of course i don’t ignore the no-follow bookmarking sites, but promoting my post in dofollow bookmarking sites are my priority.

There are many factors to be in the first page of Google or other search engines, like optimizing your post, images, and also bookmark them in a dofollow social networking or bookmarking sites, especially those which have high Page Rank.

In my experience, do not bookmark or post your article everytime you publish, choose the “big” one and then bookmark them in these sites. Otherwise, you can be banned because of spamming. And also, choose the right category whenever you promote your posts to avoid to be deleted or flagged.

So here is my top 12 dofollow high page rank bookmarking sites, that I also use:

1. Google bookmarks PR10
2. Digg.com PR8
3. Slashdot.org PR8
4. Connotea.org PR8
5. Propeller.com PR8
6. Mixx.com PR8
7. jumptags.com PR7
8. bibsonomy.org PR7
9. diigo.com PR6
10. LinkaGogo PR5
11. a1-webmarks.com PR5
12. buddymarks.com PR5

Bookmark your post to those sites, but be careful and remember do not spam!

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  1. Herry Tomar says

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  2. says

    Nice list, just check this Dofollow social bookmarking list
    socialbookmarkinglist.info your site here definitely you get good Dofollow backlinks from google.

    • says

      Hey Dave,

      I guess there are more of them too, but maybe not with high PR, I usually bookmark my posts once a week at least.

      Happy bookmarking ;) and Thank you a bunch for the nice comment.

  3. muhammad munir says

    Thanxs for such wonderful information. This Site tagzeu.com provide all the benefits of Social Bookmarking Do Follow and many others

  4. shehzad says

    Bollybee.com >> Social bookmarking web service for collecting, storing, sharing and distributing web bookmarks.

  5. says

    Thanks for a great list. Have you checked-out SocialADr? It helps people bookmark each other’s sites so that you just aren’t doing your own. They have a free and paid tool. I have not upgraded, but the free tool has some annoying limitations.

    Also I don’t believe propeller is allowing new content.

    Thank you,
    cd :O)

    • says

      Hi Chris,

      I have never used SocialADR, thanks for this.

      I am still using Propeller to submit some of my posts though..

      Thanks for leaving a comment,


  6. says

    And I thought of one more. I was going to leave it yesterday, but didn’t want the filters to think I was being spammy.

    Amplify.com PR 6. It is basically like twitter with the 140 character limit and it is do-follow. :O)

    • says


      I have heard Amplify, but have never got any times to try, will definitely look into it. thanks for this.

      Merry Xmas,


  7. srinisha says

    This is a great list of do follow blogs and I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to put it together and sharing it.

  8. Karan Mehta says

    Hey Kimi,

    Thanks for the info. Can you direct me to a site which has good info about the Do Follow and No Do follow links?

    Awaiting your reply

    Karan Mehta

  9. Sandeep says

    great sharing of information’s sir thanks for sharing will visit again surely thanks ones again

  10. jamesonseo says

    thanks for sharing. This information is useful for link builder like me. Thank you so much

  11. says

    But most of the above sites are now No-Follow:( And it was the result of a strategic move initiated by Google to stop/handle spammers…and other sites also started following this. But still, Bookmarking is a great way to improve SERP irrespective of Do-follo or No-Follow!!

  12. NICKY says

    Excellent post, some great resources.it’s about sweating the details!there are definitely some things that we can learn from other blog post.I love the way u show all the post.You have provided quite a bit of food for thought.Anyway good post.Thumbs up !!!!