6 Advantages of WordPress CMS

What is WordPress CMS

I am almost 100% sure that most of you have heard or even know what a wordpress CMS is.

A CMS or if we want to break this abbreviation down, CMS stands for Content Management System, what this means is a way to mantain a website, which we or our clients can write their contents, edit them or even removing them.

For more complete definition of a Content Management System or CMS, you can find in this wikipedia page.

In the Wikipedia site, you will also find huge kind of CMS form, which can be written on PHP, Perl, or even packed in a software.

The CMS open source which is written in PHP, and the most well known is of course WordPress CMS.

WordPreess or most WordPress enthusiasts often called it WP, is the most used to start up a blog, and surely you can also create a nonblog website with it.

6 Advantages of WordPress CMS

There are a lot of reasons why WordPress CMS is the most popular among the others:

1. It can be downloaded by everybody

What this means, everyone can install wordpress if they want, without looking their budgets, because it is an open source. You can download it and install it easily. (related: install wordpress 3.2)

2. Easy to use

If in the past, people were confused about how to make a website, nowadays, when you ask this question in a forum or discussion board, they will definitely tell you, “there is wordpress”.
And without doubt, they are absolutely right.

Right after you installed it, you can immediately use it, write your contents, and it is ready to promote. (related: things to do after installing wordpress).

3. SEO friendly

When you are looking for an information which is mostly typed in Google search, most of the results which are on the first page of Google, most of them are websites or blogs which are built with WP.

It is absolutely SEO optimized out of the box, and you will have huge ways and alternatives of SEO plugins to boost your traffic and visitors.

Starting from changing your default permalinks, or even choosing SEO theme and SEO plugin, all you can do.

4. Create many kind of websites with it.

Another wordpress CMS advantage is you can create any kind of websites depending on your needs. If you have a photography hobby, and you want to build a photo gallery blog, it will be easily done with wp.

wordpress cms
A company website is an easy task by using wordpress CMS, customizing the theme, or even purchasing ready to use theme which fits with your website’s topic. (related: wordpress theme for law firms)

5. The developers are always improving this open source

I have mentioned some times recently, that WP has very frequent updates. This is actually a good sign, because they care about how they can improve our beloved blogging software.

6. Support Forum

Whoever use wordpress, should know that whenever they have some problems and issues with their blogs or websites which are built with wordpress, they can visit wp support forum anytime.
I know they are sometimes a bit slow on replying and solving the problems, but it does not hurt when you try to ask.

Still confused about building a site or a blog? These 6 wordpress CMS advantages should clear your doubts!

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