Add About Me or About Author in sidebar

Letting know our visitors who is behind our blogs is a cool thing. It doesn’t matter if we are ugly don’t be shy to put your picture or just a few paragraphs to introduce yourself.

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  1. LeHienTinh says

    Do This tip can use code add to wiedget ?
    so you should add more picture to your blog.
    Nice too meet you.

    • Kimi says

      Hey LeHienTinh, Thanks for leaving a note. In this video I use text widget, which we can also add more pictures by adding more img src=”” code. I think there is a plugin to add this, but i haven’t looked for it. Greetings from Germany

    • says

      There is actually a PHP code widget, just do a Google search for it and you will find it, it will allow you to add the code to show avatar and also bio of the post author in case you have a multi-author blog, but you need to find the right code and display it only on single posts!

    • says

      Hey T.N
      Thanks for coming by and commenting, you’re so kind :) I like your blog too, not yet about the content(because i don’t understand your language LOL) but you have clean layout, easy to read. Would you probably put some translator plugin in your blog where the visitor can read in English? but your english is already cool :P

  2. says

    Hi, glad to see you reply very soon (that’s mean you alway bloging :P ), I think my English not good like you said, and nơw i actually not ever see my transposh plugin work, and i don’t know how, maybe I will use an older plugin (but not good for SEO – I think).

    • says

      Haha yeah, i love blogging at the moment, I will try to reply as quick as i can :) I don’t use translator either, so no experience about it :(

  3. Jason Dudley says

    Absolutely digged the tutorial! Been trying to get this set up for a while! Appreciate it.

    • says

      Hey HuuThanhDTD,
      Thanks for leaving a nice comment :) It’s nice to meet you too. Greetings from Germany to Vietnam, not far from where i am from :)

  4. Ness at Drovers Run says

    Thank you for this post also – I have just created and styled my about page – and used css for the first time – already all of the code is making more sense to me! (Thanks again)

  5. says

    I’m working on putting an RSS feed on my blog and want to include it in the right column so this video tutorial plus the one on adding RSS will be very helpful. Thanks!