Acer A200 – Acer Iconia A200-10g16u Aluminum Finish Tablet

Three factors that I always look on tablets, the software, hardware, and how these two factors are put together.

I bought this Acer A200 tablet in BBuy which had iPad 2, Xoom, Sony S tablet, and Acer Iconia A200-10g16u.

In terms of price, for $300, you really cannot beat this Acer Iconia A200 model.

With 16GB storage (expandable up to 32GB) you get a great device for 200 bucks less.

Acer A200 Software Specs

acer a200
Rubberized Back!

As for the software, I wanted an Android tablet after having a few of tablets which includes iPad because of the freedom it can provide.

Apple’s Operating System, iOS forces users to use their service, iTunes.

I really enjoy Android tablet’s user experience, because you will have a wide range of customization which Android offers.

For small example, you will have email as desktop widgets, browser bookmarks and calendar that are really helpful.

You also can take snapshots of your recent mails right on your home screen. Then the live wallpapers which are simply beautiful and enjoyable, my favorite is the aquarium wallpaper.

For your desktop customization you can easily choose any widgets or shortcut that you like, and then choosing music widget, email widget and many more.

Web browsing is very fast, and all of my installed apps work just fine, voice to text is great so is voice actions. It’s also very nice when you can view flash while browsing the web.

Acer A200 Hardware Specs

For hardware specifications, most of the tablets which I looked and tested were built with a 1GHz dual-core mobile processor.

acer a200
Acer a200

This Acer A200 however has a bigger, and higher resolution screen compared to iPad 2 (1280×800 vs. 1024×768 for iPad2), and in addition it features a full-sized USB port and also a micro SD card slot.

Additional hardware specs have a 2MP webcam, GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, 16GB of storage and 1GB RAM.

I enjoy the widescreen format of this Acer Iconia A200. If you love to watch videos on a tablet, its landscape mode is really great, and the portrait mode is fantastic for reading your articles or books, and definitely perfect for typing fairly long messages or notes.

The battery life has been great for me, I have not any issues using it for the whole day, and it’s a heavy usage.

I decided on Acer A200 over the other tablets that I have tested because of its price, and also the hardware, it does include:

* Full size USB Port
* Micro USB
* Micro SD card slot
* NVIDIA GeForce Graphics
* The Tegra 2 Dual-Core Processor

The only minor complain is the very short cord, it’s just a little hard to use your tablet when it’s plugged in, except when your outlet is close.

I really like the aluminum rubberized back, smooth curves, and the silver metallic finish, as they makes a modern sophisticated look which makes it stands out from some other android tablets. It is without a doubt a well built design.

acer iconia a200

In short, I could not be more happy, Acer A200 is a fantastic tablet for a fantastic price.

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