Acer AS5750-6636 Review |Acer AS5750 15.6-Inch Laptop (Mesh Black)

Acer AS5750-6636 Review – Overview

I have purchased this Acer AS5750-6636 as my older laptop replacement and after using it for 4 weeks, I have been really pleased with this Acer laptop.

The 15 inch screen feels more big than it is, and it has a good quality, it is not heavy, and good enough to carry around.

The picture quality from movies is really clear and sharp. (and I paid only $339.99!)

I haven’t yet had any issues with the screen, it is big and bright, working with Ms Office Suite or the Visual Studio is a joy.

acer as5750-6636

Acer AS5750-6636

Furthermore, it also does look very good when you play games, Wow, Dungeons and Dragons, those are my only ones tried on it thus far.

Unlike many other laptops, this Acer AS5750-6636 doesn’t appear like some of traffic lights whenever you perform anything. Not too much lights, and I find it very nice for my eyes.

Acer AS5750-6636 Specs and Features

The Acer AS5750-6636 has the best keyboard that I have ever used on a laptop.

The keys are quite large, very good spaced, and they are not cramped out, the best thing is it has an actual number pad, that makes it better when you work a lot with numbers.

You will find three USB ports, and it has an HDMI and Ethernet ports, a headphone and mic ports.

The whole set of ports are generally placed on the left side and also on the right side of the machine so you will not need to battle blindly checking the back part of the laptop to to find the port.

The mash black Acer AS5750-6636 15.6-Inch Laptop comes along with Windows 7 64-bit preinstalled, but you will be able to backup your laptop on the disks.

There’s a simple shortcut on its screen to get this done, and also the reminder message for you.

This Acer AS5750-6636 15.6-Inch Laptop contains the second generation and faster of the Intel Core i3 processors, running at 2. 1, therefore the laptop is extremely fast for your computing tasks.

The winning combination is the intel core i3-2310M processor and the 4GB of RAM, this machine will handle everything with no issue.

I mainly use it to browse the net, watch some videos, DVD movies via the DVD drive, and more basic or advanced stuff, it works without problems whatsoever.

acer as5750-6636

Well spaced out keys!

This much I actually expected before I purchased this machine by reading the specifications.

The 4G memory is fantastic. Way on top of the standard for any portable laptops currently.

I have tested with a software that can simulate a virtual system inside my computer in order that I’m able to manage several operating systems for instance Linux Ubuntu inside Windows, and by having 4GB of memory, means that I can easily allocate plenty of storage to this.

For the battery life, it is good too. I got mine lasts at least 4 hours and possibly more if I did not use it intensively.

The 1.3mp built-in webcam is decent for skype or gtalk video chatting, and there are some preinstalled softwares that works well if you want to captures pictures or some videos.

The only negative so far is the speakers, I can barely hear the audio if I am in a busy room, but I mostly use it to listen mp3s so I always use headphones, not a big deal.

acer as5750-6636

Acer AS5750-6636 review – in summary

If you’re looking to get a 15 inch laptop, which has a slightly more than average specs, then this Acer AS5750-6636 15.6-Inch Laptop is worth to consider.

This laptop certainly met my requirements, 4GB memory, an i3 processor, 320gb hard drive, and includes so far more features than I needed, Acer AS5750-6636 is an extremely fast laptop for the price.

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