Acer Aspire AS7739-6830 17.3-Inch Laptop – A Budget Laptop

Acer Aspire AS7739-6830 17.3-Inch Laptop Review

For an entry level machine, this Acer Aspire AS7739-6830 17.3-inch laptop is really a great deal.

And if you have not purchased a new laptop for a while, just like me, you will be amazed with how much technologies you will get for about $400!

At first, I felt a lttle bit skeptical about what I’d be experiencing with this budget laptop.

The specs are, 2.4GHz i3-370M Intel processor, decent Intel HD Graphics, plenty of hard drive space (640GB 5400RPM), 4 gigs of ram, yet I still felt uneasy the actual overall performance wouldn’t fit my needs.

I was just wrong.

Acer Aspire AS7739-6830 17.3-inch laptop Specs, Pros and Cons

Let’s start with things that I don’t like, please keep in mind, I only spend 400 bucks for this.

First, I’d have preferred a matte screen just because the screen of this laptop is glossy, glare everywhere but it’s hard to find an affordable matte screen laptop these days, found ThinkPad X120e which has a matte screen but this ThinkPad X120e is an 11 inch netbook.

Acer Aspire AS7739-6830 17.3-inch laptop

Second, this Acer Aspire AS7739-6830 17.3-inch laptop came with a lot of Acer bloatware, really a lot and almost all of them are advertisements for programs which expect you to pay for their services, so you will want to remove some of them once you have it.

I suggest you to install a computer program like, PC decrapifier, it’s free and will clean remove those unwanted bloatware.

Things I really like;

1. This Acer model is fast, it came with 2.4GHz Intel i3-370M Processor, more than sufficient to process most of my computing needs.

2. The 17.3 inch screen is very beautiful, it is huge, clear and has 1600×900 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, and LED, really easy on your eyes.

3. Full size keyboard with full size number pad – the keys seem more solid compared to other keyboards I’m familiar with. There is absolutely no disappointment with the this laptop’s keyboard.

4. In terms of aesthetics, this laptop case has a pattern which will hide fingerprints, the laptop feels sturdy, very surprising because it’s made from plastic, and it doesn’t feel cheap like a lot of laptops out there.

5. This features an HDMI output, and not all affordable laptops have this HDMI connectivity, so I purchased and plug an HDMI cable into my widescreen TV so when I skype I can see the video on my 42 inch TV, also viewing Facebook on my TV, at this point, I have 0 issues so far.

Acer Aspire AS7739-6830 17.3-inch laptop

Acer Aspire AS7739-6830 17.3-inch laptop – Conclusion

If you are currently searching for an affordable but good 17.3 inch laptop, you won’t get another better deal for this level of quality.

It really does everything great, some people may have their opinions about Acer is not too reliable brand, but this is my this laptop is seriously not bad, it just depends on how you take care of your laptop.

If you really care for it, it wil provide you many many years of good use!

And I still can’t believe I got this great Acer Aspire AS7739-6830 17.3-inch laptop for 400 bucks!

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