Acer Iconia-6120 Review Acer Iconia-6120 14-Inch Dual-Screen Touchbook

Acer Iconia-6120 14-Inch Dual-Screen Touchbook Overview

Acer Iconia-6120  is a great new Acer product, period.

This touchbook is a solid built and has fantastic quality.

I purchased it because I like being able to use a laptop with a touchscreen.(Other Acers product reviews: Acer TimelineX Review, Acer as5253-bz684)

What I love about this stuff is it has an effective and high efficient functions, which perform as a laptop as well touchscreen device, and the price is reasonable. It is really convenient.

Furthermore, It is a “NEW” laptop with new innovative “virtual keyboard”, touch screen, and so much more.

I have been using this Acer Iconia-6120  mostly for Maya application and I really realized that I am glad to switch from a conventional computer to this touchbook.

acer iconia-6120

Acer Iconia-6120 does what I want, checking emails, Facebook updates, and enjoying YouTube videos. But I need to say, this is not a gamer thing.

A small complain, that Acer Iconia-6120 will get a little warm of constant use, it was probably also my fault because I use it for illustrator’s works for about 4 hours.

Acer Iconia-6120 Price, Specs and Features

Price: $999.99 here.


  1. 2.66GHz Intel Core i5-480M Processor (Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.93GHz)
  2. 640GB Serial ATA Hard Drive at 5400RPM
  3. 4GB DDR3 Dual Channel Memory
  4. 128 MB Graphic RAM
  5. Intel HD Graphics
  6. 3x USB ports (2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0)
  7. 14-inch HD widescreen LED Backlit LCD Dual Multi-Touch screens
  8. Fingerprint resistant coating Tempered Gorilla Glass
  9. Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
  10. Size: 9.69 x13.53 x1.24 inches
  11. Weight: 6.18 pounds
  12. Other features: 1.3MP HD webcam, HD Audio supprort, Dolby Audio, v3 Audio, WiFi, Ethernet, Multi-touch virtual keyboard, Virtual Numeric Keypad, as well as Virtual Touchpad

More Special Features:

-True Touch Excellence.
With its 14-inch dual-screen, you can view several application in your laptop.
For instance, while you are watching YouTube videos, you can also write something in your Facebook wall.

-Absolute Touch Control.
With its virtual fullsize standard keyboard and responsive touchpad, you can do your computing task as you usually do in a traditional physical keyboard.

-Smart Performance as well as Anywhere connectivity.
Due to its Intel i5 Core Processor as well as its USB 3.0 port, you can have a speedy laptop that has lightning performance while listening MP3s, watching videos, games, or transfer your files 10x faster.
It’s reliable connectivity employs 802.11b/g/n Wifi, and Gigabit Ethernet LAN to offer solid internet connection both at home or while you are on the way.

-Serious Content Management.
This touchbook includes SocialJogger feature that will connect you, to your favorite social network website, such as Facebook, YouTube or Flickr easily and quickly.

Acer Iconia-6120 .Review Summary


  1. Hard to write with your finger
  2. No bluetooth


  1. i5 core Processor for ultimate fast performance
  2. Gesture full control for your fingers
  3. Virtual keyboard that is adjustable
  4. Solid bright and clean screen

Overall, with its new virtual keyboard, dual-screen features, and speedy i5 Intel Core processor, Acer Iconia-6120 is a very innovative device.

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