Add a new service ShareDaddy Jetpack wordpress plugin

Add a new service ShareDaddy Jetpack Plugin

In my previous post, Jetpack plugin video tutorial, we have successfully adding social media buttons in wordpress posts without adding some lines of codes to our files, which is a bliss!

In that video, I actually skipped the add a new service from ShareDaddy option, because I planned to make a separate post, which is this Add a new service ShareDaddy Jetpack post.

I have made a video how to use that option, because it is actually very powerful. This Jetpack plugin feature allows you to have unlimited social media buttons to bookmark or share your valuable content in another websites such as Google buzz, Delicious, so forth.

The problem though, for non-coding person like me, we don’t know how to use this Add a new service option. I needed a while to figure this Add a new service out too!

Add a new service ShareDaddy Jetpack details

add a new service

Add a new service link

add a new service

Add a new service is clicked, a dialog box will show up.

By pressing the “add a new service” button, allowing us to have a custom button and URL. Let’s take a look when we click that button.

A dialog box like following image will show up in our page.

What we have here are: Service Name, Sharing URL, and Icon URL.

Basically, the Service Name, we can name it whatever we like, in order to make our custome sharing service labelled different than the others.

The purpose of doing it is, we know what kind of a service what we have created.

In this video tutorial, I have made, Google Buzz, though funny, because I first typed, Google Butt. LOL

The Sharing URL, is the most complicated one, from three options, because we have to check the URL first before we enter some URL address.

The Icon URL, is actually the image that we will use for the social media buttons, it can be uploaded in your server, or free image website such as imageshack, or other sites.

Add a new service ShareDaddy Jetpack wordpress plugin video tutorial and steps

In the video I actually use Google Buzz, what we need, is the small icon, with the size: 16x16px, but I saved 12x16px, if you want to use it, you can download it here, if you want to create another one, use 16x16px for best result.



1. Prepare the icon, or download Buzz icon from this website for this add a new service post. (right click, and select “save image as”)

2. Service Name: Google Buzz (You can actually name it whatever you like, in this demo, I named it, Google buzz).

3. Sharing URL: If you watch the video, I actually explain how I get this URL:

Now for the %post_title% you can change to, %post_excerpt% or %post_tags%

You can watch the video for more clear understanding.

But basically, the post title, is your post title, post url is the URL to your post, post excerpt is the excerpt (summary post). Be sure to have excerpt in your post (I also edit the post in the video) if you choose to have %post_excerpt%

4. Icon URL: It says, Enter the URL of a 16x16px icon you want to use for this service.

Type the Icon path URL where you upload this image. In this tutorial, I upload it on my own server.

So the URL will be like:

5. Once all above options are filled out, click “Create Share” button.

We are almost done, now go drag and drop the newly made custom share button, in this case, I dragged and dropped my “Google Buzz” to the sharing buttons, placed with other buttons.

Finished :-) But for another button, like Delicious, the original URL will be like:

With the same method, in the video, we will cut out the title and URL, we will have:

Again, you can change the post title to post excerpt.

I hope this video tutorial and steps will help how to use add a new service jetpack plugin option in wordpress blog.

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