Add Categories To WordPress Navigation Bar

How to add wordpress categories to your navigation bar, using  menu option of wordpress 3.0 with Twenty Ten theme.

With Menu option in admin dashboard of  wordpress 3.0, we really can customize the menu tabs navigation easily.

Unlike with wordpress 2.9.2 we have to modify header.php, with the latest version, you can apply drag and drop feature to achieve this. We are using Twenty Ten theme for this tutorial

This tutorial is going to create wordpress navigation bar based on list pages and categories you choose. At the end, we create, home, page 1, category 1, category 2. Now, if you are using another theme and older version of wordpress, you might want to check this tutorial to add categories lists in your navigation.

Here are the steps:

1. First, create a page which you want to be in the front. You can also use Category to be in the front. In this demo, i made “Home” as my front page.

  • Type in the Title
  • The content
  • Set page order to 0
  • Hit “Publish” button.

2.Click on the “Appearance” and then “Menus” button.

3. Type in what you are going to call this custom menu. Once you are done, click “create Menu”

4. Add the pages, and categories you want to this custom menu we have just created by clicking “Add to Menu”.

5. Drag and drop to customize the navigation tabs position.

6. Click “Save Menu” and refresh your blog. It should have your own customization and your categories are added in your wordpress navigation bar.

Tips: Once you want to reset your navigation, click “delete menu” option, and then “Save Menu” blue button in the right.

Video tutorial:

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