Add Or Change Favicon WordPress

How to add a favicon wordpress without plugins or how to change favicon.ico in wordpress if you already have one built in your theme.

Have you ever wondered how to have a small icon or small image in your browser if you open a wordpress blog? That’s called favicon wordpress, it’s like a branding of your site.

Most websites nowadays have this favicon, either html static websites and even wordpress blogs.

In the video we will create a favicon wordpress with GIMP (free source image editing program), upload it and then adding php code to a static html code in our header.php.

If you just want to change your favicon, you don’t need to follow this step, just look where the old favicon, and replace it with the new one.

As usual, backing up a theme is a really nice idea.

favicon wordpress

This blog's favicon.

These are the steps to create favicon wordpress.

skip to the video if you’ve already one.

1. Create a new file in GIMP, size= 16×16 px (pixel)

2. Save the file as favicon.ico

3. Upload the file to /images folder or /img depends on where you have your images are stored in your theme file (wp-content/themes/yourthemes)

4. Add favicon html static code to header.php:


And then replace this code with wordpress codex, here is the php code:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="<?php bloginfo('template_directory');?>/images/favicon.ico" />

Video Tutorial:


1.If you save favicon.ico, favicon wordpress in different folder, then replace “images” folder with your folder name.

2. If you just change your favicon, then don’t add anything in your header.php file. Just overwrite the old favicon.ico to the new one, it should work fine.

Favicon wordpress is not showing?

So, that’s it. If you are using firefox, the favicon may not appear immediately, clean up your cache and it will show up sooner or later. I notice other browsers display it faster, so you might want to check it in other browser too, in case you can’t wait

3. Want to have flexible theme which enable you upload favicon wordpress from your dashboard? check out Thesis features.

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