Add .html To WordPress

Setting up wordpress to display .html in url.

In my other blog, which is, i have html in my wordpress blog. And i thought i have to post it for other newbies friends.

This can be done by changing permalinks to /%postname%.html but wordpress only allows me to do that to my posts, not to my pages.

So all my posts will have .html (looks like static html page) but not pages, such as contact, about.
Why would we want to have .html url for our blog? because search engines love it, and it’s pretty permalinks too.
Thanks god, there is a really great plugin which takes care of html for wordpress pages.

What we will do in this step by step video:
1. Setting up wordpress posts permalink to .html in Admin/Settings/permalinks
2. Setting up wordpress pages to have .html extension by using plugin.
There are times when you can’t change the permalinks, which i have never encountered, but have read in lots of forums, it’s because of our .htaccess. When it happens, you may want to switch back to your old permalinks settings.

This permalinks should be done right after you install wordpress. Because Google will need sometimes to re-index your site again (based on my own experience).

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