Add Feedjit, Live Traffic Feed To WordPress Site

How to add Feedjit, Live Traffic Feed to WordPress sidebar or a website.

Sometimes, we want to know how our website’s traffic or where our web visitors are from. Watch how you will want to add free live traffic feed from Feedjit in your wordpress pages!

Actually this video is updated due to feedjit’s changes. Copy the code and paste it into our text widget.

I personally don’t like having this widget in my blog, but i notice lots of people use it in their sites, so I thought i will share how i did it.

Note: This tip will not work if you use free blog. It only will work if you use a selfhosted wordpress blog. Thanks for my commenters who notify this matter, so that i could check in myself.

Code to paste in your text widget:

<script type="text/javascript" src=";pid=0&amp;proid=0&amp;vv=363&amp;dd=&amp;bc=FFFFFF&amp;tc=494949&amp;brd1=336699&amp;lnk=494949&amp;hc=336699&amp;ww=160"></script>

Don’t forget to click “save”.


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