Add Feedjit, Live Traffic Feed To WordPress Site

How to add Feedjit, Live Traffic Feed to WordPress sidebar or a website.

Sometimes, we want to know how our website’s traffic or where our web visitors are from. Watch how you will want to add free live traffic feed from Feedjit in your wordpress pages!

Actually this video is updated due to feedjit’s changes. Copy the code and paste it into our text widget.

I personally don’t like having this widget in my blog, but i notice lots of people use it in their sites, so I thought i will share how i did it.

Note: This tip will not work if you use free blog. It only will work if you use a selfhosted wordpress blog. Thanks for my commenters who notify this matter, so that i could check in myself.

Code to paste in your text widget:

<script type="text/javascript" src=";pid=0&amp;proid=0&amp;vv=363&amp;dd=&amp;bc=FFFFFF&amp;tc=494949&amp;brd1=336699&amp;lnk=494949&amp;hc=336699&amp;ww=160"></script>

Don’t forget to click “save”.


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  1. anonymous says

    I had a problem adding the feedjit widget in wordpress. I did exactly as your video said. but everytime i go to the text widget and copy paste the html for feedjit it clears when i click on save. so i dont know why it’s not allowing me to add feedjit.. :( any suggestions or help on this issue?

    • says

      Hey anonymous,

      Does it happen when you add another code, or just type “test” on text widget? I can’t say, what can cause it. Because i need to know if using another text widget will still work.

      Waiting for your answer so i can help.


      • Jeff says

        Hi !

        I do have the same problem as Anonymous, the text box is workng it is really wheI add code…

        Thanks for your help !

        • says

          Hello Jeff,

          Actually i just updated this post and adding feedjit without plugin, because i don’t want to use plugins.

          It should be working well, because it did work for me too. But if that doesn’t work, you may want to use plugin for it.

          This is my previous video adding feedjit using a plugin (i don’t recommend if you can add manually).

  2. says

    Same problem as Anonymous and Jeff, I paste the text but when saving it always disappears. Maybe my blog was migrated from Windows Spaces, and maybe it is forbidden to add code?

    • says

      @Richie, thanks for this info, I have tried it in blog too, and it did not work. I guess it is forbidden there.

      However i will update this post, that this tip is only for a selfhosted wordpress blog. Thanks guys! =D

  3. says

    Hi guys I have some good news for those who are using free blogs. There apparently is a way we can use feedjit. I did some googling on this subject.. and found the following response in a wordpress forum discussing the same issue. I have not tried it yet but will let u know once i do.. just thought I would share it so that others with the same issue could hopefully get it to work as well… happy blogging :)

    Hi Guys,

    A few days ago we launched a live traffic feed that will work on blogs. It uses an image instead of Flash or Javascript. It also lets you watch visitors arriving on your blog in real-time. You can get it here:

    As of right now we already have several hundred bloggers using it.

    We hope you enjoy it!

    Mark Maunder
    FEEDJIT Founder & CEO

  4. Asif says

    I can say that by looking over your website’s posts, remarks that there are many different ideas on the similar topic. To be honest it is refreshing to find fellow opinionated people, it is a good website, i like the simplicity of your content and i appreciate your words, which gave me very useful information.

  5. says

    Feedjit is great. It shows live traffic and even the city from where the traffic is coming by. I love it. thanks for the nice post.

  6. Sab says

    I tried both ways, the provided link has the same issue when we save the code link it appears as blank box. 2nd i tried through website to get the code we got a zip file but unfortunately currently there is no plugin, so pls do update us.


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