Add meta tag to wordpress [WordPress 3]

Add meta tag to wordpress — Understanding meta tag in wordpress.

I have found a post in a forum that someone actually asked how they can add meta tag to wordpress header file.

I actually did not know about this information when i started this blog, until i am learning WordPress SEO by practicing available tips and experience my failures and learn from it.

Meta tags for wordpress has been explained clearly in official website.

To understand it in more simple way, meta tag contains your keywords and description informations in your blog, that usually displayed in your header.php file.

By default, in resource about meta tags, fresh installed wordpress blog does not have meta tags.

To add meta tag to wordpress, you can either use a theme wich has a built in SEO option which allows you adding meta tag without plugin, or using plugin, or even adding the code manually in your template files, which is in header.php file.

Meta tag in wordpress is just like in a static HTML website, your readers can’t see it, but when they look at your page source they can see your blog’s meta tags.

Meta tags are used for Search engine to check what your whole blog content is about.

Add meta tag to wordpress — How does it look like.

Before i give you a link to my video tutorial on how to add meta tag to wordpress blog, i would like to explain how a meta tag look like with simple site description.

The simple HTML format would look more and less like this:

<title>My wordpress blog</title>
<META name ="description" content="Everything about wordpress">
<META name ="keywords" content=”wordpress, blog, everything, about, wordpress blog">

Screenshot meta tag of fresh installed wordpress blog:

add meta tag to wordpress
There aren't description what this blog is all about.

As you notice, you do not see meta description and meta keywords on the page source.

Though Search engines, especially Google does not really look at meta tag in our sites, but it is extremely helpful for your site description that appear in Search Engine Result Pages.

This is my meta description in Google page and my meta description screenshot, they should be the same.

add meta tag to wordpress
My description in the page source and Google.

Video tutorial how to add meta tag to wordpress header.

In my old post, which called, configure all in one SEO pack plugin should help you to add meta tag to wordpress header.

By using SEO plugin, in this case All In One SEO pack plugin, you do not have to add meta tag to wordpress manually in this case, in your header file.

Add meta tag to wordpress manually, will only be a pain, since wordpress also provides blog posts, categories, tags, search pages.

With this plugin you can specify once in the dashboard, and whenever you create a post, you can type your meta keywords and description in All in One SEO option below your post box.

To check your keyword density if it is too low or to high, i use this SEO plugin, and works very well with All in One SEO.

Though, you still have alternative, like platinum SEO, or other plugins, but because i am only using All in One SEO plugin so far, i can only recommend this to add meta tag to wordpress header.

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  1. Pete Carr says

    Hi Kimi,
    People should stay away from non SEO friendly themes. There are a lot about. As you have said the All in one SEO plug-in takes care of it, or do it manually in your source file. If you do try it manually then save the original first so you can out it back when it all goes wrong.

    • says

      I agree, there are lots of themes which are not SEO friendly, and even worse, the creators put hidden links in the footer, that’s the worst.

      I always recommend people to install FREE theme from the dashboard more safe.

      Using All in One SEO plugin can take care of the Meta tags nicely without adding the code ourselves, and that’s very handy, In my opinion.

      Thanks for visiting Pete!

  2. Harry Sehgal@Adsense and BloggingTips says

    Its a Nice Post. But now WordPress has a Feature in Options which automatically ask for meta tags and description and we don’t have to add any code for it.