How To Add MP3 to Facebook

How you can add MP3 file (a song) to your Facebook page or wall.

One of the reason why Facebook is so popular compared with other social media site is, it has tons of features.

I was interested on putting a song in MP3 format into my Facebook account.

Have done some researches, there are many ways to do this, such as creating our own FBML or using developers source codes, even with application.

What i don’t like using application in Facebook is, we have to allow this application accessing our account.

Now i have read a news in Internet some days ago, i guess in, that a Facebook application leaks the users’s data. Scary indeed.

So this is the most easiest way adding MP3 on facebook without using any external application or some complicated code:

1. Upload your MP3 file format to a webserver.

So after you choose which MP3 file you want to share with your family and friends, upload this file to your cPanel, or via FTP.

You can actually upload it from your WordPress dashboard, but it is usually too big to upload.

I am not sure you can use file sharing sites, like rapidshare, or megaupload but you can try if you like. Note, playing a song which is stored in your webserver will need extra bandwidth.

2. After you upload it, you should have the URL address to the path where the music stored. Example, i uploaded to /music folder and the MP3 is labelled as /artist.mp3.

In this example, the URL would be something like :

3. Now you can log in to your Facebook account, and in the right sidebar, you will find “Links”.

"Links" button.

4. Click on that, and you will see +Post A Link button on the top. Click it.

Paste the URL → click "Share" button.

5. Copy and Paste the URL address of step 2 above.

Click “share button”.

Now you have shared or added MP3 song file to your Facebook account :D

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  1. shashank chinchli says

    you are amazing :)
    simple daily to use blogs ..!
    really keep rolling blogs de same way:)

    • says

      Hey cascd!

      So nice to see you :)

      Yes, i have did lots of changes in this blog, thanks for re-visiting, talk to you soon, i hope!

  2. Johnny Briggs says

    I wonder if you could tell me the secret to getting Facebook to display the correct artist/title details? I’ve tried editing the ID tags in my mp3 file in many ways but Facebook still displays Unknown Artist/Unknown Album. Do you know why?

    • says

      Hi Johnny,

      Hmm, strange, when i upload mp3 it will show the artist name.

      You can try later on again i guess, Facebook is sometimes buggy, all of sudden some features are not working, and starts to work again if we try and try again.

      I hope this helps!

  3. says

    Just worked it out after an hour of tryin and googleing

    double click the unknown artist unkown album wording and you simply type what you like – how bloody annoyingly easy eh!

  4. david says

    I am sorry – but I cannot find this “link” icon anywhere under my groups or anywhere on facebook! Is it something they deleted access too?