Add Related Posts in Thesis Theme Without Widget

“Related Posts” if you are using Thesis 1.8 without plugins.

I know, i have posted many wordpress tips to avoid using plugins.

I have a reason to do this, plugins can slow down your site, this is why it is very important to only using the most important plugins to suit your need.

In this tutorial, by using Thesis 1.8, we are going to display or echo out the related post shortcode based on post tags, so that we don’t have to type it everytime we want to display.

If you use another theme or want to use widget, i have made this related post wordpress tutorial a few days ago.

End Result.



1. In your admin page, go to “Thesis” options → “Custom File editor”

2. Select Custom_functions.php file.

3. Download this .txt shortcode code, copy all the content and paste it right in the bottom of custom_functions.php

Note: Editing custom_functions.php can cause error, but you can fix it via cPanel or webserver.

4. Click “Big a** Save Button” :D

5. Now, we have to echo out that shortcode function. In the bottom of custom_functions.php (or after the code that you pasted from step 3)

More info see:

add this code:

function single_post_relatedpost() {
if (is_single()) { ?>
<h3>Related Posts:</h3>
<?php echo do_shortcode("[related_posts]"); ?>
<?php }
add_action('thesis_hook_after_post', 'single_post_relatedpost');

6. Refresh your blog post, it should have related posts section now :D

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