Add SIM Card to iPhone 3G Tutorial

Add SIM Card to iPhone 3G – If it’s unlocked

Finally, this week, my data plan with the Apple iPhone 3G and a data plan service provider has been ended, and my older iPhone 3G has been unlocked.

Today, I wanted to add SIM card to iPhone 3G, which is already unlocked using my son’s mobile phone‘s SIM card.

I have never done it before, so it was a bit “exciting and worrying” if any cards would work..however I finally did it, and now he has it working, even with full functionality.

Things I used to enter it:

1. The unlocked iPhone (mine is still the 3G). I guess this will work with iPhone 4 too, but the tray position is different, not on the top right of the device anymore.

2. Paper Clip. The easiest way, I would not use needle because it may possibly danger the component inside, who knows.

enter sim card to iphone

Paper Clip

3. Computer on, with iTunes installed. This is needed, because even if you can add SIM card to iPhone, it will be still unlocked, you will need to unlock it with iTunes to get it working.

How I add SIM Card to iPhone 3G

1. Let’s get start it, firstly, look at the top of your iPhone. Next to power button (On or Off button), there are small holes, which are headphone jack, and SIM card port or tray, please take a look carefully, as you may use the wrong one..

This is the screenshot of the really tiny hole in the card tray (highlighted).

add sim card to iphone

The hole of the SIM-Card tray

2. Enter the paper clip in that tray’s hole carefully, and push it out, it will open the tray, but if you are not careful, it will fly.

3. Once it is opened, enter your SIM-card in to the tray, and close it.

4. Connect the iPhone’s dock (the one that is also used to charge it) to the USB port of your computer (be sure you got iTunes installed)

5. Go to your iPhone again, if the display has auto-off on, press the “Home” button, and you will see weird message like, “emergency” or “notruf” in mine, basically in many languages, showing the device is still locked.

add sim card to iphone

Even the SIM card in, it has "No Service" with "locked" icon

Now if you connect your phone to your computer via USB, iTunes will detect automatically your device, and you will be able to go to your Home screen of iPhone 3G.

In the iTunes, it will notify you message like, this “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked”.

iphone add sim card


Click “continue button”, if it asks you to register, click “register later” and continue..

It will ask you to update if there are updates available, but mine was all up to date.

how to add sim card to iphone

Asking for updates

Click the close button and the process to add SIM card to iPhone 3G is now done sucessfully.

sim card iphone

iPhone is Unlocked message

Add SIM Card to iPhone 3G Useful Videos

Here are two videos that I found in YouTube that are very useful showing you how to do all the steps above.
Using PaperClip:

Connecting “Unlocked” iPhone to iTunes:

If you want to add SIM Card to iPhone 3G like me, follow these two videos!

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