Adding Widgets/Plugins In Free Blog

Why you can’t install or add plugins and some widgets in blog.

Almost half a year ago, i did not know about All i knew was in, you can have a blog for free to learn how to blog or even do serious blogging.

WordPress has hundreds of features that can help blogger to be able to do anything they like with their blogs using plugins and widgets.

If you are using a selfhosted blog, means it is not in, see my tutorial, how to install wordpress plugin.

But if your blog is in, your domain, should be,, you can’t unfortunately install or add plugins and widgets. There isn’t “plugins” button in your dashboard. (see image below).

Plugins and widgets can be installed only in a selfhosted wordpress blog, which you first have to install in your webservers. Or even more comfy, because it is free, you can try wordpress in your local computer.

The difference between and selfhosted wordpress dashboard.

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