Admin bar WordPress 3.1 | How to disable, remove or hide it?

Admin bar WordPress 3.1 — The top bar like in feature

Admin bar WordPress 3.1 is the feature that already existed in WordPress 3.1 beta version. This top bar showing admin menu bar is just like in blog, if you are familiar with, or even have a blog there. (related post: wordpress or blogger, which one is better? and move blog to selfhosted)

When I made video install wordpress 3.1 tutorial, you probably would notice in the video, you will find grey admin bar wordpress 3.1 in your front-end blog.

To my personal opinion, that grey bar is a little bit annoying, or maybe because I am not yet used to it.

Just when wordpress 3 out, the “visit site” button was also gone, now we have a new grey admin bar on the top with lots of functionality for wordpress users.

admin bar wordpress 3.1
The grey admin bar wordpress 3.1

I am sure this top admin bar  is very useful for people who like it, there will be admin menu shortcuts, which I guess they can help us working faster in our blog, more productivity.

Let’s take a look at this top bar hierarchy:

  1. Your username — “Edit my profile” or “Dashboard” or “Log Out”
  2. Add New — “Post” or “Page”
  3. Comment
  4. Appearance — “Widgets” or “Menu”

Admin bar WordPress 3.1 — How to remove, disable and get rid of this Admin bar WordPress 3.1

If you think the same as me, and you possibly want to remove, disable and get rid of this Admin bar, you can do it easily by ticking its option in your admin dashboard or backend.

I have actually created a short video tutorial on this, which you can watch below. I did show you how to remove the top bar without audio and voice.

It is a strange video to me too, but it was really short one, and I guess not worth my voice.

Thinking of making short tutorial without any videos, but I am just in the mood to make a video tutorial, just the shortest I have ever made in this blog, I guess.

Simple steps to disable admin bar wordpress 3.1

1. I assume you already login in your dashboard.

2. Go to “Users” tab, and then “Your Profile”. (related post which uses this option: How to change admin username in wordpress).

admin bar wordpress 3.1
Users — Your Profile

3. Under the “Keyboard Shortcuts” option, you will see the “Show Admin Bar” option.

admin bar wordpress 3.1
Show Admin Bar Option.

4. Untick both if you want to get rid of it. Or if you want to experiment, just play around, and try to tick them and see the result. You can always change them, since it does not required backing up database or theme files.

5. Scroll down, click “Update Profile” button.

Refresh your front-end blog, the admin bar wordpress 3.1 will be gone.

Admin bar WordPress 3.1 Video Tutorial

Two wordpress 3.1 tutorials I have made, if you may be interested:

  1. Install wordpress 3.1 manually
  2. Format Post wordpress 3.1 video

By the way, about this video, it is the shortest tutorial in this blog, but I know some people prefer to use visual tutorial, so I have made it.

I hope this tutorial how to disable admin bar wordpress 3.1 will help a bit, Thanks!.

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  1. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. The Admin Bar appeared out of nowhere. This shouldn’t happen without asking the user. I would have struggled needlessly if not for your help.

    Thanks again.

  2. says

    I have being trying for days to remove to search bar from my cpanel in wordpress 2011, however, I was unsuccessful. Please
    help me to remove this search bar. Feel free to call me and walk me

    Thanks Bibi