Admin WordPress 3.1 Slow Problem

Admin WordPress 3.1 Slow — Do You Notice it too?

Since I updated my blog to wordpress 3.1, whenever I first time logged in to my admin dashboard and want to create or edit blog post, the admin dashboard loads very slow, and it happens to other blogs, I even tried to install a brand new blog without any plugins or premium themes, and all happen to be the same, admin wordpress 3.1 slow problem still remains.

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After noticing this glitch I did some Google research and it seems to be wordpress 3.1 bug, because I saw alot of people are reporting this matter, either to official forum or some bloggers wrote the same articles about this problem.

I am not sure if you also have it, but apart of doing researches above, last time I check Google analytics, some Google visitors actually search for the search term, Admin wordpress 3.1 slow.

Of course, personally updating wordpress to the latest version is a must to me. Usually before I updated my blog, I first tried in my local wordpress blog (related post: install wordpress locally windows, and install wordpress local mac) to test everything first.

But this time, I updated to wordpress 3.1 directly after backing up wordpress database only, so I try it within my online blog.

The update alone went excellent, just from the day one, my admin activities became slower at the first minutes, after that, it runs okay.

I thought at first, it was because of my host, but it happens everyday after I logged in to my dashboard, other than that, I don’t find any problems so far.

admin wordpress 3.1 slow

Admin wordpress 3.1 slow What to do?

I have not tried too much stuff about it yet, but many people said, by turning off admin top bar in the front end of wordpress blog (related post: disable admin bar wordpress 3.1) will help.

I actually did it, but to me, it does not help quite much, the admin wordpress 3.1 slow problem is still there.

What weird, is, always in the first minutes after I logged in, it becomes slower. But a few minutes later, it will be fine.

Admin wordpress 3.1 slow any solutions?

Since I notice a lot of bloggers have this problem too (this I know in so many forums, not only in forum, but other forums which have bloggers as members), I actually think this is wordpress 3.1 glitch and I hope and expect to be better in the next update.

Even to be honest, I think this updates are too frequent..I would rather update not too often, but updates without bugs.

Though you can try to disable the admin top bar first as I linked in my other post above, to see if it would help.

If this admin wordpress 3.1 slow glitch still remains, then I am right about the bug of this version, and we can only wait for the next update, which I guess it will come after three or four months later.

Let us know, if you have this admin wordpress 3.1 slow problem too!

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