AdSense and Infolinks – Is it allowed to use them together in the same page?

AdSense and Infolinks for bloggers

I have ever had a question about using adsense and infolinks together in the same page a year ago.

But I had this question actually, right after I installed my infolinks ads, and then I realized some people are having their adsense accounts banned, and this is why I was so worried about using adsense and infolinks together, so I have looked around for any informations.

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I am not 100% sure about it, but I have ever heard you can’t use another ads with Adsense in a page if those other ads do look like adsense, or confusing the visitors by the replacement for example, and this will cause accidentally clicks. (related: best adsense placement)

AdSense and Infolinks together

Actually not so long ago, I have used many ads such as adbrite, chitika, and many more in this blog, and finally I used only adsense and infolinks together for a few months.

I have used it for months because I have found that it is allowed to use Infolinks and adsense in the same page.

And I also see many blogs and websites using this both ads network together, and all fine.

If you want to read the guidelines from Google official website support about this matter, you can read this AdSense official link.

AdSense and Infolinks downside and advantages

I have decided to remove infolinks and other ads (except adsense) which required installing javascript in my blog, because I did concern about my blog’s loading speed.(related: adsense slow loading)

But I am still using infolinks in my other two blogs, and they are all fine, although the earning is so much slower than AdSense.

adsense and infolinks

If you want to put AdSense and infolinks together in a page, you should also consider your visitors, because too much ads, will distract their visits, and it may increase your bounce rate. (related: redcuce bounce rate).

With adsense alone, sometimes it is a bit annoying, plus with another ads, especially text ads, which will show some pop ups when your readers hover their mouses on them, might be not a wise idea if you have a nice blog.

But basically you are allowed to have and use adsense and infolinks together in one page to monetize your blogs.

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