AdSense Best Placement or AdSense Best Position

AdSense Best Placement is very important!

AdSense best placement in a blog or website where the webmasters want to earn more in monetizing their websites is very important.

I am not a Google AdSense expert, but after hundreds times moving around my ads, try them, check and experiement them, I decide to write this AdSense Best Placement post.

If you do have some tips, don’t forget to share in the comment form, I am sure it would be a great tips for other wordpress bloggers especially the starters and beginners.

If you visit this blog regularly or for a few times, since this blog was accepted by AdSense (related: Google AdSense requirements), you probably notice that I am changing the positions of the ads quite frequently, and this position stays for a long time.

People will probably will get the meaning if the ads stays in its position for a longer period after their placements have been changed a few times.

The AdSense best placement is actually depends on your website layout. I have chosen Thesis theme, as I could plan how wide my post layout or sidebar very easily, with just a click of a button to change the width of my post layout without adding any additional codes in the core files. (Related: Reasons why Thesis theme).

AdSense Best Placement effects your earning

About several month ago, I was wondering why my AdSense earning was so low although I had decent visitors, and decent amount of visitors.

Surely, after Googling around, seeing so many different tips from another bloggers or forum threads, they gave us so many tips that are very useful and worth trying to find AdSense Best Placement.

Of course, our blog visitors prefer a site which is clean and not having any advertisements, however if we offer something useful and free, they would not care about the ads.

I then, applied and tried different tips, for instance, chaging my ads size unit, color and appearance, as well as, text, default (text and image) or image ads form in this blog, I had notice it affected my earning.

The most important aspect apart of the ads itself, however, is the traffic. If you do not have traffic, don’t be surprised if you earn about a few pennies a day. In my experience, to earn at least for $8 – $10 a day, you would need 1000 visitors.

If you have less visitors than 1000, don’t hope for a decent adsense earnings, it is better you focus on the traffic first then think further about AdSense best placement.

It is probably best for you to try another method to earn, like clickbank, shareasale, comission junction or infolinks.

AdSense Best Placement or Position in this blog

After trying a few tricks, I will try to put image of my blog Adsense best placement in this graphic.

adsense best placement
My AdSense placements

From the image above, I have 4 ads in my single post. (in the Homepage I have different ads places).

The #1 the very above, it is in my navigation area, 728×15 unit ads.

#2 also in my navigation area that looks like a logo image, 728×90 unit ads.

#3 inside my post, as a thumbnail, 300×250 image ads unit.

#4 also inside my post, 336×280 text ads unit.

Between those 4 ads, my adsense best placement is the #4, the last one. People click it often, it gives higher eCPM and higher Page CTR. In my experience, adsense in the sidebar and after post won’t convert alot, they have to be in the beginning of your post, in the middle.

Although sometimes I want to remove it, because it looks awful between my post content, however that is my best AdSense best placement, how about yours?

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  1. says

    Hey, great. Nice article. I love this.. i was in a confusion as to how to get adsense.. many tyms i failed to get approval for adsense.. now i got a clear idea to increase by blog traffic then ill go for adsense.. thnx for sharing:) please comment on by blog regarding the improvisation of my blog and suggest me some tips that u may have that as an article in ur blog. thnx again


  2. says

    yes its right position very much matter if you want to earn money. I think we can use (google ads and infolinks) together. Infolinks create links searching keywords from your site. Embed the code in a way that user can not judge that it is useful link to the site or advertisement.

  3. says

    You right..i think the first thing to do is how to get the traffic first and continued to the adsense position..thanks.