Adsense Google Custom Search For A Blog

My review about earning and effect after I use Google Adsense Custom Search for this blog.

In the last few days, i have made a few changes with my google advertisements to to get higher click rate.

If you are a regular visitor on this blog, you may notice it. Thanks for visiting regularly! :D

It is really true that adsense placement in your blog does count and gives some effects in your earning.

Google adsense is not the best way to earn money from your blog, but it is a free money source, i would call it.

Because we can earn money (a few Euros or Dollars) a day while we are sleeping. Awesome!

Still doesn’t have Adsense account? You may check this post about Google adsense requirements to apply.

In this post i want to talk about Google adsense custom search. I had it in my blog a few weeks ago.

Here is a screenshot i get from google cache. My google adsense search ads was on my top menu bar.

How my Google Adsense Custom Search looked.

Is it good? Here is my review:

1. The Google custom search did not get enough clicks for this blog.

I guess it is because the position was in the top, not enough visible. Share your experience about this if you have an experience, i would love to know.

2. I received an email from one of my readers, she asked me whether i have a search function on this blog.

This email wake me up, because i put the Google adsense custom search on my blog, and it does somehow decrease my blog’s functionality for my visitors.

I then decide to remove it, and put my search widget back.

I want to earn money from this blog too (who doesn’t?) but to me, my visitors are my priority. So if you have a feedback about the ads in this blog, feel free to contact me!

I know there are more ads here everyday :D

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