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How to add adsense in guide.

There are lots of people who still ask about adsense in free blog in many forums i have visited. I truly understand why people want to add adsense code on their blogs, because they do want to monetize it, this is a very common goal for bloggers, including me.

Can you add adsense in free blog?

Yes, you can have adsense in blog, BUT there is a requirement you have to follow.

As we all know, blogging in is totally free, you do not have to pay any costs, but there are limitations. One example, you can’t add plugins to blogs.

Just like in a daily life, you got what you invest. If you invest nearly to Zero, you won’t get much from it too.

Putting adsense in are really dream for every owners of’s blogs. Basically, they blog for free, and can earn money.

There are requirements to add adsense in blog.

1. If you have WordPress VIP account (which you need to pay), you are allowed to add adsense in blog.

2. If you do not have the first option above, you will HAVE to be able to bring really lots of traffics to your blog, then you are probably allowed to have adsense. Why did i say probably? Because unfortunately, even if you have high traffics in your blog, you will need to submit a proposal form to be approved first, and then you can have adsense.

adsense in wordpress.comOnce you are approved, and allowed to have adsense, you are still not allowed to put affiliate links, such as from clickbank, and other affiliate marketings companies.

See more informations about it in’s page.

Because of this reason, most of bloggers choose to have their own selfhosted blog and can put as much as advertisements, they want.

If you can pay a webhosting (1 free domain name) a month with your one coke money — if you have traffics, you will be able to pay your webhost costs with one month blogging, i recommend you to get your own selfhosted blog, and forget the requirements to put adsense in free blog.

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