AdSense makes blog loads slow [Google AdSense and WordPress]

AdSense makes blog loads slow fact.

AdSense makes blog loads slow, this fact i have noticed a while ago when i first measure my blog with YSlow and PageSpeed.

Right now when i check my blog speed, it will have 79-80 Grade C-B with YSlow and with PageSpeed addon will be 92-93/100.

I know this is not only caused by Google AdSense code performance, but also another ads networks like infolinks, and external servers like imageshacks, and others.

But because of most bloggers have Google AdSense on their wordpress blogs, AdSense makes blog loads slow fact should not happen.

The code should be really optimised, so when we use it, it won’t decrease blogs or websites’s performance.

AdSense makes blog loads slow — How does it happen?

When you are accepted in Google AdSense (my related post: Google adsense requirements), you will be able to set up your AdSense code in your account.

After you get the code, you can then paste it in your blog. (see more in my video on how to add AdSense in wordpress 3, in that tutorial i am using Twenty Ten theme and add the code manually, if you want to use plugins, you might want to check my best blog plugins list, you will see AdSense plugin in the last paragraph.)

Once you get the code, if we take a look closer, the code is infact javascript file. So when a visitor visits our blog, his browsers renders the ads too, and it will load AdSense javascript too.

See this screenshot why AdSense makes blog loads slow when i check my page with PageSpeed:

adsense makes blog loads slow

AdSense external javascripts

From the screenshot, you will see how adsense makes blog loads slow, this is because our sites are forced to load external javascript, which is stored in Google’s server.

AdSense makes blog loads slow — Is there any solutions to fix it?

The answer about is there a way how to fix AdSense makes blog loads slow problem is actually, a no (not that i am aware of). There are some resources to optimise Google AdSense performance but i personally do not apply it in my blog.

My reason is, i am somehow afraid it affects the click rate, so i don’t even want to try those methods to fix this “AdSense makes blog loads slow” problem.

If you want to try to optimise it, you can do some Google researches about AdSense makes blog loads slow, i have seen many websites showing how to put this adsense code inside its own div and then adding another javascript.

As i wrote in the first paragraph above, AdSense is not the only factor that can slow down our blogs speed, but the other factors too, such as caching, images dimension, and css best practises.

I removed some ads such as chitika and others because of this, always check your blog’s performance to see how fast your blog is regularly will enable you to see which ads networks are slowing down your site.

If you use wordpress as a blogging software, don’t forget to use cache plugins to increase loading speed, see this post about my video review of w3 total cache vs wp super cache.

Always remember using too much images for your layout makes slower too, unless you host those images in CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Have you done something about this “AdSense makes blog loads slow” problem?

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