AdSense Plugin WordPress | Are you sure it is safe?

AdSense Plugin WordPress — I am glad I have never used one

I have just updated my other post, best blog plugin article.

I updated my recommendation on having an AdSense plugin to display your Google adverts.

I will tell you the reason why in this AdSense Plugin post..

But basically, I am very happy that since one year blogging, I have never used any plugins to display my advertisements, I have tried some of them, but I have never really applied it on this blog, I have tried them in my local wordpress site (Related posts: wordpress on mac, wordpress on windows).

I know using adsense plugin in your blog can save times and works, but again, there is big disappointments sometimes, you have no idea what codes are inserted on those plugins.

Same as using nulled premium wordpress plugins or premium themes, people who built those can insert any codes they want, of course without your consent.

Especially if you are non-coder like myself, how can we know that they are safe? Again, if you use free wordpress themes, install them from your dashboard, avoid downloading from a website other than (related: why premium wordpress themes, instead the free one)

AdSense Plugin WordPress — Why I prefer having AdSense without plugin

The big disappointment recently is, some plugins developer are being unfair to you.

This is the story, they create and develop them for free, but they are being unfair to force you sharing your AdSense revenue with them. How does that happen? There are some codes in the plugin itself that will make your ads not to be displayed 100% of the time. (related post: Sites like AdSense)

So a part of the time, the developer’s ads are being displayed in your blog, and the other part of the time, your ads.

adsense plugin

Imagine, if you use it for years in many blogs, how much revenue you lose? Two wordpress threads, you should read about this matter: all in one adsense & ypn is not free, adsense plugin was banned by Google AdSense

So from this point, it seems some plugin developers want money from you, but not state it upfront, they should ask for donation or sell those plugins instead of distributing for free, but the users don’t know they must share their profits without their consents.

Of course, not all widgets developers are dishonest, but this is just one example of the risk using “money” plugin, especially if they are free.

My recommendation is do some google research and reviews of any plugins you want to install before you use them.

AdSense Plugin WordPress — Best way or solution?

You probably already guessed it, best way or solution is pasting the code manually.

I have actually post a video tutorial how to add adsense in your sidebar without using adsense plugin (another post you might be interested: create 125×125 ads blocks too).

Right, you might think that those sidebar adverts won’t give much clicks, so you want to add the code in your content, like in this blog.

There are two ways to achieve that, either using a plugin again, or add the code manually.

I wanted to create a tutorial on it, but I sometimes forgot, so feel free to subscribe in case I will post it one day, you will be notified.

If you decide to use plugin, please do the research of the review first before you use an adsense plugin for your wordpress blog.

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  1. says

    I currently don’t use any Adsense plugin. I make sure install the raw code given to me by Google. If I do use a plugin, I use Quick Adsense. Because with that plugin you can paste any HTML code in. So you can be sure that it’s your ads that are being displayed.

    • says

      Thank you for mentioning the Quick AdSense plugin!

      Since I have never used any plugins to display my ads, I really have no idea about the good ones to use.

      Take care!

  2. says

    That plugin is great to use for any affiliate links or Adsense. You can easily place ads in side bar or in the post wit this plugin.

    For example, you insert the ad code in the plugin. When writing a new blog post, you just make 1 click to insert the ad wherever you want in the blog post.

  3. says

    Though even I’m not fond of using a plugin but now I’m so addicted to quick adsense plugin… Anyways it’s always better to have everything set up without plugin

    • says

      Wow, you are the second person who uses Quick AdSense..

      I personally never tried it, might definitely try it later on in another blog to try.


  4. Naeem says

    Adsense Insert is Best plugin for WordPress

    • Xperlandro says

      This guy’s adsense insert plugin displays his ad even when you select “OFF” for donate. Very deceptive. I started researching discrepancies between what google analytics was telling me and what I saw in my adsense account. Be careful guys –

  5. says

    Well Suggested to not use any Plugin KIMI, In my opinion “WP Insert” works better for me, i just have to add my code in its panel and all goes live, it is very easy and fast in my opinion, by the way good Idea!

  6. says

    I was just searching for a review of quick adsense and that is how I landed on your page. I just installed that plugin. It is very easy to set up.

  7. says


    If one use a plug in to install ads into post or page, and later the plugin is no longer supported or has to be removed, would all the ads in those pages or post go away?

    In the case that one sells their website or blog and have to change adsense codes, I would assume it would be easier to change it using plug in because you just have to change the Adsense ID in the plug in and that will apply to all of the ads on the pages/post. If one were to embed the code on to the page directly, this would be a nightmare redoing the ads code?