Akismet Alternative WordPress Anti Spam To Prevent Spam Comments

Akismet Alternative WordPress – I do love Akismet but..

Akismet is one of my must have plugins for a wp blog, when you want to stop wordpress spam comments or tired of deleting those junk comments manually in your pending comment folder.

Akismet is installed by default with Hello Dolly plugins after you installed wordpress in your webserver. I do personally eliminate Hello Dolly plugin because it is not necessary for me to have a greeting text in the top right of my dashboard or admin page screen. (related: wordpress install plugin tutorial)

This default spam plugin will actually catch spammers to comment and leave links in your blog, due to SEO purpose.

You probably already know, the more link a website has in other websites, the more plus points the related sites will have in Search Engine Optimization.

Well, yes, we need to care of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in our blogs, otherwise, none will visit your blog except your family and friends. (related: Best SEO plugin wordpress)

Why we need to look for Akismet Alternative wordpress plugins?

Akismet Alternative wordpress plugins are now in high searches since if you have a non-personal blogs, you should pay to use Akismet.

Since I have recommended Akismet to be a must have plugin for a personal blog, and if you have a business (not a personal) blogs, you should either consider to use their services, or look for Akismet Alternative plugins.

I guess, most of bloggers prefer not to pay any services just to prevent spam comments in their blogs, I guess this does make a sense since you can find Akismet alternative that we will discuss in this Akismet alternative post.

If you have a personal blog, you can use Akismet for free. See this information on this page. You might also be interested on finding Akismet API key, since I have posted a video tutorial about it last year.

Akismet Alternative WordPress Plugin Lists

If you think you need Akismet Alternative Worpress plugins that you will consider to install instead of sign up and pay for Akismet, you can consider following Akismet alternative plugins, that I have tested myself and compatible with wordpress 3.1 above, which is the current wp version this 2011.

1. G.A.S.P Plugin.

I have posted a separate review of this plugin in this GASP plugin get rid of bot comments in your blog post. This plugin is really good because you will receive 0 (Zero) spam bot comments in your blog immediately after you installed it.

Don’t forget to set the comment moderating in “approve first before allowing any comments to display” in your discussion settings page.


akimet alternative
The Akismet Alternative - G.A.S.P plugin checkbox.

2. “Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress” Plugin

After you install this plugin, everyone who comments in your blog, when they click “submit” button, they will be redirected in a separated page, where they have to enter two character, that are numbers, which has to be typed and then they can send the comments to the webmasters to approve.

This is the message to enter the charactars which are displayed to prove you are a decent commenter :-)

Sorry, but I think you might be a spambot. Please complete the CAPTCHA below to prove that you are human.

What are the first and fifth characters of the following sequence?


I’m human!


akismet alternative
The "Conditional CAPTCHA For WordPress Plugin.


Downside: You have to install “TypePad AntiSpam” plugin in order to enable this “Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress” Plugin, and you need to enter TypePad API Key too, which I don’t really like.

Those two plugins, can be Akismet Alternative if you have a non-personal wordpress websites or blogs that I personally use and tested that they are wp latest version compatible.

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  1. says

    Hi Kimi
    I use GASP and it is brilliant.

    I also use an anti trackback plugin, which checks that someone has actually given you a link on their site.
    No more trackback spam.
    Can’t remember the name but let me know if you want the name of the plugin and I’ll put it in another comment.

    • says

      Hi Keith!

      Yes, definitely, I agree. I have 0 spam comments now too :)

      To avoid the trackbacks, you can uncheck “Allow Trackbacks?” box, and this will disable trackbacks which are mostly spams anyway.

      This option is in GASP setting, in settings → GASP.

      Thanks for visiting Keith, and Sorry for late replies, since I was extremely busy at easter weekend :(

      Best wishes,


        • says

          Hi Keith!

          Actually busy with my two kids, the oldest has long easter hols and it is pretty much summer in Germany, so spend much more time with them outdoor than indoor.