Android 2.2 10.2 Review

Android 2.2 10.2″ Newest Tablet PC WIFI Camera At Glance

First of all, Tablets which run on Android Operating System are not simple out of the box, and if you are familiar with iOS, you will need to a while to learn its features, and customization potential.

At the end, you will be thanking yourself for being able to manage files as well as folders, even to sync them without using dreaded iTunes, but using cloud, or an NAS wirelessly, and there are so much more to choose.

Multitasking with this Android 2.2 10.2″ is fantastic, you can run many applications in the background without having any performance loss. You will be able to perform several tasks on one screen.

You can read or write emails, reading news online, or other things all from one display in this tablet. Android 2.2 10.2″ is a testament to the real abilities of real multitasking.

android 2.2 10.2

The Android 2.2 10.2 tablet.

Android 2.2 10.2″ supports Adobe Flash, and with Google chrome as the default browser, you will be able to enjoy flash contents and full tab functionality. (And I got it for  $109.99 here)

Android 2.2 10.2″ comes with its USB port, HDMI as well as the SD functionality.

Those are essential features of a tablet if you need to connect other device seamlessly to your TV, for instance, presentations.

For me, a USB port is very important to a tablet being a real tablet. (iPad 2 surprisingly does not have USB port).

A small note about the Android app store, which honestly, I think it is a mess.

Quite understandable, since it is open and free for everyone to create apps, and there are not many Android tablet apps yet, but it will be coming for sure, since it is growing fast.

So don’t be surprised if you will get a few buggy apps, you may need to uninstall and install them.

If you are familiar with Apple things, then you may think that Android 2.2 10.2″ is not ready for the market.

But you also have to consider the trade off, which is, you can actually do what you want to do with your tablet and not controlled by iTunes dictatorship.

Yes, I know iTunes app store are quite great, and look awesome, but quite honestly, I do not need that apps that I downloaded as often as I guessed I would when I decided to pay 1.99 for each app.

In Android app marketplace you will only need the time to get them growing and running better.(Related tablet review under $170, Coby Kyros mid7015)

Android 2.2 10.2″ Newest Tablet PC WIFI Camera Specs and Features


  1. CPU 1GHz Processor
  2. Operating System: Google Android 2.2
  3. 512 MB DDR RAM
  4. 4GB Hard Drive (expandable)
  5. 10.2-inch TFT LCD screen (with 1024×600 px Native resolution)
  6. Size: 10.55 x 0.47 x 7.01 inches
  7. Weight: 2 pounds
  8. Features: HDMI, Camera, Auto-Rotate screen, Touch-screen, WiFi, Memory Card Slot, Wireless 802.11g/b/n connectivity, built-in stereo speakers, earphone

Android 2.2 10.2"

Android 2.2 10.2″ Newest Tablet PC WIFI Camera Review Summary

To summarize it, I am happy with this Android 2.2 10.2″ Newest Tablet PC WIFI Camera HDMI, because it definitely opened my eyes to realize how the iPhone and iPad are really limited.

You may not wowing this tablet out of the box in the same way you might wow other devices, but you definitely will not suffer buyers remorse. Android 2.2 10.2″ is my first Android tablet and it will not be my last.

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