Apple iPad MD328LL/A iPad 3 16GB White

MD328LL/A iPad 3 is not only easy to use, but also the best one!

Before I finally bought this tablet, I thought about it many hundred times. I have already a small laptop, and iPad 2, so I thought I won’t need the new version.

My reason to upgrade was simple. I want the new features which the MD328LL/A iPad 3 white version came with, especially the new 1GHz dual core A5X processor, and 1GB of RAM. And this newest model however has other more new features, and sold at a few bucks more, couldn’t resist it.

I’ve used for a little over a week now, so in some points, I want to write about what I found with this tablet with you.

First Drawbacks:

1. It doesn’t support flash, but I haven’t had a single problem where this has been an annoyance.

2. No HDMI out, which doesn’t bother me at all, as I will never connect my iPad to my TV anyway.

3. No USB slot which I don’t need.

Why this Apple iPad MD328LL/A 16GB iPad 3 tablet?

1. The 9.7 inches Retina Display with a new impressive 2048×1536 resolution
MD328LL/A iPad 3

This display is much better than the previous model, especially if you use your tablet mainly to read texts. Being a tablet which has best display, one would think it would have shorter battery life, but this isn’t true, the iPad 3 battery life is just extraordinary.

I use it for many hours everyday, to play music, transfer datas wirelessly, and it still lasts me for about 5 days, this is incredible.

To be honest, what is the use of a good tablet if it doesn’t have a good battery life, which isn’t fun to keep it charged.

And I like the fact that I can charge my tablet with my iMac, which is more convenient than always look for wall outlet to charge.

2. New A5X 1GHz processor and 1GB RAM (instead 512MB with the 2nd iPad)

The second version has already 1GHz speed, but it was a A5 processor. To verify, I was curious about the performance with its new processor.

However, I don’t really find it’s faster, but the graphics and multitasking have been noticeably improved, a lot smoother.

5 megapixel rear-facing camera – now take pics with the same high quality camera that the iPhone 4S has

3. There is a new camera, which is 5MP rear-facing camera, this is really a nice new feature, because you can always take pics of yourself or others like with the new iPhone 4S model.

You can also record a video, and email or share it to people. I always use wifi for this though. I usually took a short video like 1 minute or two, because if your video is too long it will notify that it can’t be sent as it has large file size.

New nice feature.

Apple iPad MD328LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, White) NEWEST MODEL

4. Support 4G LTE.

It’s a positive surprise that Apple includes this feature to the MD328LL/A iPad 3 model, because you will have faster connection speed on your tablet when using WiFi isn’t possible.

But this will only work with some 4G LTE network providers like Verizon and AT&T (if you don’t live in the US, ask your data provider).

5. Amazing speakers.

It’s clear and loud, but you should know where they are, otherwise, you won’t get the maximum sound because in some cases, your hands will close them unintentionally.

Speakers on a tablet is important especially if you love to listen to your music or you save many movies with you. The sound from websites like YouTube is also good, but there are some websites which have their videos unable to be viewed by mobile and tablet devices.

6. Great typing experience for beginners or expert

Typing on an iPad is a breeze, but it’s not as fast as typing on a notebook. I type faster when the tablet rests on a table.

The aluminum metal back chasing is incredibly solid smooth (NOT from plastic), even with a case.


7. Impressive Apps
App Store has currently more than 50k apps, and this is one of the reasons why people choose an iPad, because you will have more apps than android devices.

One of my favorite app is Garageband, I can have a jam session with some friends – which is cool.

8. Transferring with iCloud.

Since October 2011, the new feature, iCloud on iPad can enable you sending your music, photos or videos to your tablet or even to your mac, which is a big improvement.

9. Printing wirelessly

You can use any printers which are listed on apple website to print wirelessly.

If you don’t have a supported printer, you can also use wireless printing app from the app store.

10. Should I get the 16GB iPad 3 or 32GB model?

If you’re thinking to get the 32gb version, here is what I think. TheĀ MD328LL/A iPad 3 16gb version is already fine, for the apps, it will be just fine.

Netflix works beautifully on this tablet, and I have around 700 songs, 2 movies, and 31 apps which are installed, and I still have around 5GB remaining.

I deleted the unused apps to have more space for another. But if you have a budget, and willing to pay about 100 bucks more, than you can get the bigger iPad.

For the videos, I don’t save them on my tablet, they can be streamed and added if needed.

Apple iPad MD328LL/A 16GB iPad 3 Upgrade

If you read all the above points which I mentioned, and you will probably ask yourself, should I buy an iPad 3 or upgrade my iPad 2? Personally I am pleased to upgrade, after selling the old one in ebay, I just add 120 to get this newest model.

If this will be your first iPad, you won’t be disappointed with it, it’s easier to use than android tablets.

Appearance wise, it doesn’t look different than the old model, but you HAVE to watch any HD movies to see the difference between iPad 2 and iPad 3!

MD328LL/A iPad 3 is the best tablet I’ve ever used.

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