Apple iPhone 4G “Release Date”

Apple iPhone 4G quick reviews and release date in several countries.

So after iPhone 4G release date in USA,Germany, United Kingdom, and France on June 24th, i am thinking to sell my blackberry and getting iPhone 4G with t-mobile. But i have been looking for the informations i have to think millions for an iPhone 4G’s price!

For some of you who live in the US, you can get it for $199 or $299, this is still fine.

Let’s see new features of Apple iPhone 4G:

  • Cool high resolution with Retina display.
  • You can use your iMovie application with HD video of iPhone 4G.
  • FaceTime video conference.
  • Multitasking.
  • 5MP camera.
  • iPhone 4G is using iOS 4 operating system.

More infos about iPhone 4G in wikipedia.

Apple iPhone 4G

Still, same like ipad, flash is missing!

iphone 4G has two colors alternatives, white or black, white is more lovely to me.

Here are the price lists of iPhone 4G in Germany

White or black 16 GB 1099€, 32GB 1199 €.

Whoaaa, fricken expensive lol, buy or not buy? :)

Release date of iPhone 4G for these following countries: ( still remaining unknown, but predicted to be end of July, or August even September :( . Just to be saved, always check out this page of Apple website.)

Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Canada, Norway, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Apple iPhone alternative and accessories:

apple iphone alternative

Apple iPod touch (iPhone OS 3.1 Software Installed)

apple iphone lcd protector

Apple iPhone LCD protector

apple iphone Sync-Charger

Apple iPhone Sync-Charger


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