Apple Mac Mini MD387LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION); Mac Mini 2012 With Mountain Lion OSX

Everyone knows Apple has always produced the most elegant and top quality products, including the new mac desktop or most compact Mac Mini which is already available in the market.

The new Mac desktop is Apple Mac Mini MD387LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION) model which is actually an upgraded model from technical specification wise.

Although some features remain the same, such as energy friendly, which can help you saving your electricity consumption which also means less monthly electricity bill.

This new Mac mini still use much less energy consumption compared to the previous Mac Mini models.

Apple Mac Mini MD387LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION)

Included peripherals such as ethernet port, the new thunderbolt and FireWire ports and other ports are still included to enable its users doing they daily computing in a more productive way.

Apple Mac Mini MD387LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION)

One of the highlights of the new Apple Mac Mini MD387LL/A version is the thunderbolt port which is actually one of the most popular Apple (and Intel) computers new feature. This port will help the users to have very fast connection speed with any Thunderbolt compatible devices to their Mac Minis.

Other than this fast Thunderbolt port the 4 USB new 3.0 versions are found in this Mac Mini, which has to be mentioned here too.

In terms of Graphic processor, this new Mac Mini has an Intel HD Graphics 4000 which can handle any of High Definition data easily. Apart of Wifi connectivity, there is also a new Bluetooth version which is 4.0 packed with this compact and powerful computer.

From price wise, sold at around 599 at the moment, this desktop might be questionable by many, however, known as high class product, newer Mac Mini has always been favorite wishlist to a lot of people.

Apple Mac Mini MD387LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION)

Like mentioned in the previous paragraph Mac Mini has higher energy saving feature, and it is even known as the top energy friendly computer until today. It’s because the Mac Mini actually consumes much less energy whenever it’s on idle mode, not only saving you space due to the wireless form, but it will save you more money on electricity bill.

Apple Mac Mini MD387LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION)
Apple Mac Mini MD387LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION)

All in all, if you have never had a Mac Mini before, you will still know that Mac is a great computer to have.

The Mac Mini, even a very small and compact in form, the new Apple Mac Mini MD387LL/A Desktop (NEWEST VERSION) can handle your daily computing with ease, saving you extra space due to its portability, and known as energy efficient and powerful desktop computer.

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