Apple TV Mc572ll a Review | ATV MC572LL/A (2010)

Apple TV MC572LL A (2010)

Apple has done it again, this Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010) is likely to change our entertainment style as well as others in this globe. (related post: western digital wd tv)

If you have a “hobby” to collect Apple products, this Apple TV MC572LL A article review is going to be the right one.

When I purchased this TV, I could hardly wait to touch it, just like a 2 years old kid.

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When I received the package, the first time that impress me, still today, was the blackbox with amazing hardware design, rounded corners tiny square that is very thin. Steve Jobs did a good job in its beautiful and pretty design, obviously.

apple tv mc572ll a

Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010) small dimension, and tiny size, allows you to place it anywhere you want. I have it below my TV, just beside its stand, and I can barely notice its appearance, since it has black color, fits with my TV’s color.

Apple TV MC572LL A Price, specs and features

Cost: $99.00

Specs: Please see on the authorized website.


From the signal factor, in reality this Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010) works way ahead than my cable box. I must say, this little black box has a stronger signal from my remote. What more, my iPhone is working great as a remote, using Wi-Fi, I got better signal, even I don’t have to point my iPhone to the Apple TV MC572LL A.

The installation process of Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010) is so simple, you will need a HDMI cable, which is offered separately. What I did, joined the cable from Apple TV MC572LL A to my TV, and get the power on, immediately, I saw the TV menu showing and ready to use. Ridiculously easy.

If you want to access iTunes or connected to a Wi-Fi, it is really fast and quick, you will need only to know your iTunes password, and get connected.

From the day I received this TV until today, I enjoy looking at the crystal screen, it has fantastic easy-for-eyes fonts and content, I never had any eye-strains. Nearly similar to iPhone’s retina display, I must say, because it has so appealing look and friendly to eyes.

Using and sharing videos on iTunes with Apple TV MC572LL A (2010) is very simple. After taking the movies or videos, I have various videos that were taken with iPhone, and then I edited those videos using iMovie, I can share them through iTunes. I was quite surprised with my own videos quality, though I took them from my little iPhone, when I saw the videos using Apple TV MC572LL A on the big TV screen, the quality was very decent. So I tend to use an iPhone to make most of videos, because it’s very easy to stream.

You can actually easily stream your movies from a Mac to your TV, and forget the old days where you need to convert a movie to a digital one, burn it using a DVD burner and watch it the DVD player, you can now enjoy direct streaming with this Apple TV MC572LL/A.

Another pleasing features, if you like everything stays organize, you can manage your music files based on their dates, events, or even genres.

Interesting facts these days, seems all contents are built digitally, mp3, movies, books, they are digitally created. It is wasting so much space in your room to have books when you can read them on your Kindle, so to say. Not different with your images, and personal movies, you can access those content effectiveily using iPhone or iPad and stream them with Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010) on your big TV screen.

Apple TV MC572LL A Bad Review

Eventhough I am pleased to have this ATV, but I have these complaints:

  1. It takes while to load my huge library of iPhoto and iTunes to Apple TV.
  2. You have to get all stuff from Apple, it does not have third party content flexibility.
  3. Not too much content or apps collections.


Don’t get me wrong, ATV is a really fantastic product to get and will really be a great buy if you want to stream iTunes music and iTunes movies, move it around from one room to another, but for streaming netflix server, you might consider Roku XDS instead. This Apple TV MC572LL A (2010) is not for netflix server.

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