Approve and Reply New Feature WordPress 3.2.1

Approve and Reply – New Feature of WP 3.2.1

Since I used wordpress blogging software for the first time, in version 2.9.2 last year, I have seen so many new features that comes with the newer version.

There are certainly big and small features, that everyone listed on their website, or even talk about it on forums.

However, since several days ago, I have noticed a really cool feature that I questioned myself, “is it really new fetaure or was it already here and I forgot it?”.

Then when I logged into my older version of wordpress blog that I have installed locally, I have noticed the difference, the approve and reply is a new feature of the latest version of WP, which is when I am writing this post is in version 3.2.1.

Should you still use wordpress as your blogging software with the older version, I guess it is time to update, there are a lot of new features of wp that are really nice and useful. (related: update wordpress is necessary and important)

Where is this Approve and Reply Feature?

Having a wordpress blog is awesome, however you will receive tons of comments each day, especially if your blog has many visitors.

Those comments can be genuine comments that want to give your blog feedbacks or questions, can be spam, or even automated comments that are generated by some sort of softwares. (related: get rid of spam bots comments in wordpress, wordpress akismet key)

The feedbacks comments are my most favourite, however I have to apologize if I can’t reply them one by one, since I averagely receive 50 comments a day plus some emails to answer.

The spams and automated comments are very obvious, I guess no bloggers who will like them, so they are mostly deleted.

In the old version of wordpress commenting section, I have sometimes noticed, it was pretty annoying when you received a lots of comments, let’s say 100 comments, and you want to approve a comment in the middle, for instance, the 50th comment.

When you clicked, “approve”, I have noticed when I wanted to reply that specific comment, somehow this comment was disappeared from my screen because it was moved to the “approved” comment section.

To find that comment in the past, I had to look where that comment is, and then writing my reply to the commenter.

With this new Approve and Reply feature, I can easily type my reply before I approved the comment, and when I am done typing my reply, I can click the Approve and reply button, so I can approve two comments at once. (the commenter and my reply comments).

Approve and Reply to save your time on approving and replying comment

As I mentioned in the earlier paragraph above, this new Approve and Reply feature is really saving time, when you want to reply someone who commented in your blog.

approve and reply

The "Approve and Reply" button

This is a screenshot when I wanted to type my reply to a commenter in this blog this morning.

Have you noticed this cool feature approve and reply in your wordpress comment system?

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