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Archos 101 Review – Overview

The Archos 101 Internet Tablet is my first tablet that I purchased a few weeks ago.

I expected to get Samsung Galaxy Tab, but as a student, Galaxy Tab or even iPad are too expensive. I am too excited to share my Archos 101 Review with this blog’s visitors.

Actually, I had an opportunity to use another tablets, such as Galaxy Tab and iPad from my college friends, I think these tablets have their own good and bad reviews.

I’d like to consider that Android is not actually perfect for tablets yet, at least Google itself has stated it to us, but as an electronic shop owner I’m a bit curious to experience of having a tablet. The first aspect that made me choosing Archos was the price. After my research and making comparison to a few good brand tablets, pros and cons, I have decided to purchase Archos.

archos 101 review
The Archos 101 16GB.

I have been using Archos for months, I’d like to share these experiences on this Archos 101 review article:

Archos 101 Review – The screen:

The Archos has multitouch capacitive high resolution 10.1-inch screen, but it is a rectangular. I’d like to let you know, that iPad and a few tablets actually have square screen, Acros has a rectangular one. This is important if you look for a casing for your tablet.

The only disturbing is when you want to see a movie with your friends, you might need to get this tablet in a quite long distance to see the movie with a decent quality. This is due to the screen angle problem. Though we can use it at horizontal lever and vertical lever, getting the right angle can result you having some little problems in watching at the tablet’s screen.

Archos 101 Review – About the performance:

Same with Samsung Galaxy Tab, this tablet has 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, but only 256MB RAM while Galaxy tab has double, 512MB RAM. It is a bit slower than Samsung Galaxy tab in performance, but it can have decent speed if you only use the most important Android’s widgets, because they can take a lot of power of your tablet.

Archos 101 Review – My Good, Bad Reviews

Since Archos is well-known for their music services, you can listen to your MP3 while you are surfing on the web, or writing emails. The video players you can get for free in Android markets, if you want to enjoy the multimedia services.

The one aspect that beats other tablets, are the battery life and the light weight. It has a excellent battery life, and it weighs only 480 grams (16.95 ounces), in comparison to Galaxy tab, which has 380 grams (13.4 ounces), and iPad 680 grams(1.5 pounds).

So far, all HDMI, USB port, Bluetooth, and the Wi-Fi work fine, except my monthly charges fee is quite high. I think, unless you are always on the go, getting a 3G tablet like Archos, is going to increase our expenses.

Things I do not really like.

The plastic frame of Archos 101 looks very cheap. Eventhough it can look fine, the solid aluminium case would be better. Of course, we can’t compare with iPad with this price tag.

It can become very sluggish when we run several applications all at once, the performance will suddenly down.

Archos 101 Review – Price, and specs

Price: $360.00


  1. 16GB internal memory, expandable up to 32GB for external memory using microSD/SDHC slot.
  2. 10.1-inch LCD TFT display screen, with 1024x600px resolution.
  3. OS: Android 2.1 Froyo
  4. It has many pre-installed apps.
  5. 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, for the graphic accelerator, employs 3D OpenGL ES 2.0
  6. Wireless-N Wi-Fi at 802.11b/g/n
  7. Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  8. HDMI video output.
  9. Up to 720p HD resolution video.
  10. Huge range of subtitles, video, music, and image formats compatibility.
  11. Up to 36 hours Battery life in order to playback music, seven hours playback video, and websurfing, up to ten hours.
  12. Size: 10.65×5.91×0.47 (in inches)
  13. It weighs 16.95 ounces.

archos 101 review
My archos 101 review summary, Archos 101 is a good buy for people who wants to have a device which can do more than reading device, Kindle.

If you have more budget and expect to have more features, I need to say, iPad is a better choice than this Archos 101 review android tablet, Archos 101 Internet Tablet 16GB.

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    Thanks for the thorough review. I have had my eye on this tablet for a while. I want something to show off photos to clients and to keep my Google calendar and contacts on. I am also excited to use this as a video player for my son in the car. Thanks again.