Archos G9 Review |Archos 80 G9 501897 8 GB 8-Inch Tablet

Archos G9 Review – Archos 80 G9 Overview

I have been using this Archos G9 tablet for two weeks, and I think this Archos 80 G9 is fantastic.

Although it has capacitive screen, I have to admit the appearance is not at the same level as the iPad 2 but it has half of the price. (got it at $219)

Also, the processor is 1.GHz OMAP4 which is more superior to Tegra2 series copy which are available out there.

One small example, the OMAP4 processor has three times bandwidth memory, which means the performance of this tablet is superior to any netbooks with Intel Atom.

archos g9
Archos 80 G9

It does take only a few seconds to start up the device, from start to load the home screen, and most of the apps load in around 4-5 seconds, except for Angry Birds, which takes about 5-9 seconds.

The capacitive screen is responsive, although it is very obvious that it is not as smooth as iPad 2, but still very great.

Archos G9 Specs, Other Features, and Limitations

In terms of form factor, I bought Archos 80 G9 because I prefer an 8 inch tablet instead a 10 inch tablet, so that it fits in my pocket, and take this tablet with me whenever I am on the go.

If form factor does not matter to you, then aspect ratio is more interesting, because for playing videos, 16:9 screen aspect ratio is better than 4:3 screen which is good for browsing internet and viewing web pages.

And if you are at home, then you will be able to watch videos on your TV by using HDMI.

About Android market, this Archos tablet comes with preloaded android market, so you can download and install Android apps onto your device much easier.

I have installed a few apps and of course, games, and if one or two does not work on your tablet, then those apps are specifically developed for mobile phones.

Angry birds games load a slightly longer than other apps, but once it runs, it runs very well and smooth.

Furthermore, Archos G9 also supports more video codecs, HDMI output, storage alternative,micro-SD card reader, micro-USB, and a full sized USB port which can be used for a 3G device or stick, and a hub to connect an USB mouse, keyboard and hard drive.

Running honeycomb 3.2, this tablet has optimized widgets for tablet devices, as well as better UI framework and richer multimedia functionality.
Archos G9

Archos G9 vs Kindle Fire

Both tablets are great, and both of them are running OMAP4 processor, but Kindle Fire has lack of hardware, for example, no camera.

The only small drawbacks is that Archos 80 G9 501897 8 GB 8-inch tablet doesn’t have US 3G sticks yet, only in Europe. Another thing to be ware of is it does not have a rear-facing camera, only a 720p front-facing one.

All in all, at around 500 bucks, this tablet would not be the best value, but at around $279 for a honeycomb tablet with 250gb hard disk, superior processor (OMAP4 instead of T2) this Archos G9 is definitely a decently priced tablet.

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