Article Marketing for Your Blog SEO

Article Marketing for Your Blog used to be an old SEO trick

When people or webmasters are talking about WordPress blog SEO, at one point, it will also come to

Article Marketing for a blog discussion. (Also applied to any websites, not only for blogs obviously).

Article marketing has been around for years, long time before Google Panda update, the effectiveness is still there, although some webmasters are now in doubt whether article marketing is still effective enough to generate traffic to your blog.

This SEO tip became a secret a long time ago, which simply means, people who knew about SEO better than others, kept this method as their secrets, but of course once it was tested and discussed in private ebook or public discussion, it was then becoming very popular method to generate traffic and backlinks to your site.

Once it has been proven that it can be a working SEO strategy to get blog traffic, backlink and popularity, every blogs owners started to discuss it everywhere, and question about its effectiveness lately, to be exact, after Algo updates. As you probably notice, after Google changes its algo, a lot of Article marketing websites, or websites where you can submit your articles to gain backlinks and traffics are suffering from ranking drops in Search Engine Result Page.

Is Article Marketing still effective after Panda?

There were clearly reasons behind this Google’s action, one of the obvious was, people submit “crappy” or “unreadable” articles to those websites, and Google visitors are often disappointed to read those articles, which are first, cannot be read and second, not something they look for.

This case happened when they first found out that Article Marketing actually worked, they competite to write articles and spin that articles in a huge quantity and submit them in bulk too.

One big article submission sites then became very strict on the editing articles which are submitted, and I guess they also have real human editor, and not automatically published. Although, there are many other websites which can publish your articles automatically, without any review before publications.

But then again your links will be considered as “not valuable links” because those sites are considered as low quality sites.

article marketing

Some tips to do article marketing for your blog

Take care of the quality.

Apparently, there are tons of softwares which can create spun articles and then you can submit them automatically too. Now it comes to the issue, when a visitor read that spun texts, they will likely close their browsers under a few seconds, after they realize those bunch of texts don’t make any sense at all.

Therefore, if you want to do a proper article marketing for your blog, best is to write manually (or if you have budget, you can pay freelance too) and then submit them. This way, not only your content is definitely reviewed and listed in the submission website, but also can certainly drive visitors to your website links.

Make a good combination between articles’s quantity and quality.

While most webmasters know that article marketing for blog SEO works, you should also submit your contents to many article directories, but don’t use the same content.

What I mean by this is, submit your content to many high PR and respectable sites, not only one. But before submission, you can edit the original content a little bit, so it looks unique but still readable.

This way, not only a backlink, but you can also have many backlinks from a few websites, and as well as the traffics that are generated.

Promote your contents that you have submitted.

Although the submission sites are not your site, however, you have a content in there. It means, you should also treat this content as one of your blog’s content.

If you want that this content ranks high in SERP, you should also build backlinks as you can do with your blog posts.

How to do that? you can promote them via Facebook, Twitter, bookmarking them, and also use blog commentings to help boosting their backlinks.

Article marketing for Blog SEO Conclusion

If you haven’t done article marketing for your blog, you should try it. Try and test, and then promote, to see whether this works or not.

My personal experience, this method definitely works, even after Panda Update. However it requires really a lot of time if you do manually, which is the best method, as you don’t want to send “garbage” content to keep your site’s reputation and brand.

But if you have budget, you can outsource them, and or if you have time, you can do it yourself too. Just a piece of advice, if you don’t have time and don’t want to spend money, you can at least submit your content at least once a month.

But submit it to really respectable articles directory like

If you see this blog SEO strategy works, you can then rinse and repeat, try this Article marketing for your blog today!

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