Article Uniqueness Checker

Article uniqueness checker online – if you are a webmaster who owns many blogs that you cannot handle yourself, you might also want to hire someone, in this case, a writer to write your articles.

Why do you want to run multiple blogs in the first place anyway? The fact is pretty simple. When you can earn money with your blog, it is human nature to want more..

If a blog can earn money, even only $10 a day, you can do the math if you have the same 10 blogs.

The only problem here is the articles. Unless you have so much free time to write the content yourself, you will likely have to outsource the writer. I use this site to rent a freelancer or writer, because you can first check the rating of a user to find out if he/she is a reliable person.

I wish I could have so much time to write articles myself, but it just doesn’t work. You probably have the same problem.

And hiring a writer isn’t very expensive, depends on the qualities, however the result of the work we still need to check.

Is it original? is the article genuinely written or is it spun from all over the Internet?

Article Uniqueness Checker Web Based Tool

The only way to check it is using an article uniqueness checker which either you can install in your system or online.

After a few times trying this and that, I personally prefer this article uniqueness checker to check my articles.

Unlike other tool which is usually asked you to install or sign up with your email, this tool is completely without cost (although, you will see many ads) and it’s a web browser based tool.

It only means you can use it easily and quickly with just opening your internet browser and get your result.

Article Uniqueness Checker Options

Things you can do with this tool;

There are two options you can use, first, copy and paste the texts you want to check in the right highlighted box screenshot below, and the hit “Search” button, which is really tiny below the box.

You will see the result of your article’s uniqueness.

article uniqueness checker

Article Uniqueness Checker

The last option is upload your file from your computer, by clicking “browse” button (see screenshot below). Once you done it, the result will be the same as the first option above.

article uniqueness checker

Browsing file


I hope this tool will stay long, because it’s quite useful for anyone who often hire a writer.

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