ASUS 1215N-PU27 Review |ASUS 1215N-PU27-BK 12.1-Inch Netbook (Black)

ASUS 1215N-PU27 Review – Overview

ASUS 1215N-PU27 netbook is a right choice for people who are looking for portable, fast processing performance, and a good looking netbook for their computing tasks.

I purchased this ASUS 1215N-PU27 and I am really happy with this netbook. (I got it at $374.95 here)

My basic requirements were to get a portable or small, quiet and not easy to get hot device which could run my computing needs properly, and this ASUS 1215N-PU27 meets those requirements perfectly.

This ASUS black netbook has 12.1 inches screen, but that’s exactly where the comparisons end.

asus 1215n-pu27

ASUS 1215N-PU27

This ASUS PU27 doesn’t let me down when it comes to capability, functionality as well as performance.

I use this netbook as my primary laptop, and I don’t regret it a bit.

This little laptop works as all purpose computer, mostly for entertainment, programming and web surfing.

ASUS 1215N-PU27 Specs

The dual-core atom processors and the 2gig of RAM makes multitasking is a joy, I am able to run 5 until 6 applications at the same time without any lagging or heating issues.

Computer programmes can load very quick, and to switch between them is quite fast.

The ASUS PU27 12.1″ display comes with 1336×768 resolution gives enough space on my screen to do multitasking such as browsing web pages and using some opened programmes simultaneously.

The small letdown is the glossy screen, but it seems to be much better than some laptop’s screen I have seen.

The viewing angles, as well as brightness and the contrast are fairly good. But I still wish it came with non reflective display.

Playing videos is great, it streams videos from any websites smoothly, including playing YouTube 720p HD videos. The speakers quality are good enough for a netbook.

Keyboard wise, it is a full size chicklet keyboard which is very well designed, comfortable to type on, it is really better than I expected.

There are enough spacing between the keys, and it is very nice to use the backspace and arrow keys since they are all full sized.

The massive 500GB Hard Disk runs fast, and I am now able to save my mp3 files with me in this netbook too.

Battery life, I got 6 hours while surfing the internet, and emailing, and 5 hours for intensive usage.

I was actually considering the 1215N-PU17 but since I have seen the difference between them and it only costs me around $10 more, so I decided on purchasing this ASUS PU27 model.

ASUS 1215N-PU27 vs ASUS 1215N-PU17

  1. This model comes with 500GB and the 1215N-PU17 comes with 320GB
  2. This PU27 does include Bluetooth 3.0
  3. This netbook comes with less pre-installed softwares

asus 1215n-pu27

ASUS 1215N-PU27 Review – Summary


This ASUS 1215N-PU27-BK 12.1-Inch Netbook (Black) is everything a netbook needs to be, it runs really fast, plays HD videos and basic games, well designed and very portable.

Lightweight (at 3.2 pounds), long battery life (5-6 hours), 2gig of RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium, silent fan, HDMI port, Bluetooth 3.0, 500GB, ASUS 1215N-PU27 is truly impressive machine.

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