ASUS A53E-AS31 With 750GB HDD For Under 500

ASUS A53E-AS31 Pros and Cons

Webcam isn’t as good as I expected
No blu ray, still acceptable
Bloatware, but which laptop doesn’t come with bloatware these days?

Under $500
Aluminum stylish panel, I really like it
Fast performance, all specs are more than decent for the price
quiet and cool
Good battery life
Nice keyboard with number pad and chiclet style

ASUS A53E-AS31 Keyboard and Other Features

ASUS A53E-AS31 is very quiet, isn’t loud at all. There is aluminum frame which is all around this ASUS 15″ laptop keyboard which is a heat sink for this machine. I decided on this laptop because of the specs and it’s sold at a good price. A laptop with aluminum is normally sold with high price, but this is an exception.

Laptops that are sold at under $500 normally have max 640gb hdd, but this one has 750gb, 4gigs of ram, and Intel i3 2.3 ghz processor. With using lowest setting of screen brightness which is to me, still very bright, I could get 6 hours battery life for one full charge, this is amazing since it has powerful processor. Other laptops at this powerful spec usually have short battery life. It has also HDMI port and USB 3.0 which are very nice additions. The keyboard is a chiclet keyboard and is very comfortable at clicks.


As mentioned above, I wish the webcam is good enough for my requirements but most laptops didn’t come with a good built-in webcam, so it’s very minor problem.

You will need some time to make recovery disks, and you should prepare empty disks for it, I needed about an hour to make the recovery disks, and remove some bloatware that I am not into. There are actually some helpful software which came with this laptop, for instance energy saving profiles, and there are many programs that I don’t need, so I had to choose and this took a while.

I haven’t noticed any speed problems with programs I run, most of them running fast and very responsive, although they are mostly heavy resources software like software from Adobe. This ASUS A53E-AS31 is overall fast and I hope it will stay like this in a few years.

ASUS A53E-AS31 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black)

For the sound, it’s normal with a laptop, if you want a louder sound, use your headphones. I saw a lot of people complains about this laptop sound quality, and I don’t understand. You can’t compare this ASUS A53E-AS31 with your home theater sound system, it’s a laptop, you won’t be expecting a high end audio, and it’s still good compared to other 15 inch laptops sound I have ever had.

Everything works great with this laptop, except the low quality webcam, if you can go with a laptop that has an average built-in 0.3mp webcam, you will love this ASUS A53E-AS31.

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