ASUS K55A-DS51 15.6-Inch Laptop (Mocha) and It’s Value

ASUS K55A-DS51 15.6-Inch Laptop (Mocha) is one of the good laptops that are available on the market today (found best price here). Of course, they are better laptops, but if you look for the specs that this laptop has and the price points, this is the most affordable laptop. This means, this ASUS K55A-DS51 has a few things that I wish there weren’t there, like the not so perfect touchpad and keyboard.

ASUS K55A-DS51 Features

This laptop is coming with with preinstalled Windows 8 operating system, so if you have never used it before, you will learn it fast, one of Windows 8 tips on this blog. I have mine on partition with Windows 7. After a few weeks trying Windows 8 I don’t really like it, and because this laptop doesn’t have a touchscreen feature, I will stick using Win 7.

My previous laptop was the K53 model, and this ASUS K55A is more solid built. Although made from plastic, this one has solid feeling. The whole area around the keypad and the keys are physically nice built from metal, and the bezel of the screen has a good finish.

Asus k55a-ds51 15.6-inch laptop (mocha)

Asus k55a-ds51 15.6-inch laptop (mocha)

The only thing that I am going to complain a bit is the spacebar of the keyboard. To me, the spacebar isn’t really the normal spacebar, and it’s not really sensitive. Uncomfortable to type. But it’s a personal preference so I won’t write too much on this spacebar issue.

The 15.6″ screen is fairly great. It works as expected and the brightness is fine. It doesn’t have the best resolution, but really, you won’t see any big difference about this screen (1336×768) with those higher resolution screen which will cost about 500 bucks more. The 0.3MP webcal works fine, it works enough for my chat activities.

Asus k55a-ds51

Asus k55a-ds51

Now, let’s go to the point where I mentioned that this ASUS K55A-DS51 laptop is a good value. This machine is one of a very few laptops with the latest generation (3rd gen) of i5 processor at 500 bucks. The i5 3rd generation means faster processor. At 2.6 Ghz hyper-threaded processor and 8gb of ddr3 ram make this laptop runs more than speedy for most applications you want. With similar price, you will mostly find a laptop with 4gb of ram. And when it comes to graphic, it came with Intel HD GMA which is decent enough to run all of your games, from lower end to more high end, with their low settings. Overall, this laptop is powerful enough for standard and average user.

The battery life is one of many things that make this laptop a good value. It has 3-4 hours battery life, which is good for the laptop size, the 15 inch screen seems to be the big factor for the battery life. The 750gb hdd is plenty for your needs.


Asus k55a-ds51Other thoughts, Asus put factory bloatware onto this laptop, and I recommend you to uninstall and replace them with your own applications, click here if you need a good antivirus for Windows OS. All in all, this is a solid laptop for the price range. With a few glitches here and there, I think overall, it’s worth it. You might have different opinion based on your personal tastes, but if the keyboard/spacebar won’t be a problem for you, then don’t look other laptop. I would certainly purchase this laptop again.

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