ASUS N53SV-EH72 15.6-Inch Full HD Dynamic Entertainment Laptop (Silver Aluminum) Review – Screen Resolution

ASUS N53SV-EH72 Review

The ASUS N53SV-EH72 laptop quality far exceeds the price point. (got it at $849)

Apart of having great specifications, this machine is absolutely well built.

It’s running efficient and very silent. It barely gets a bit warm even I played game for hours. The chassis is very compact and solidly built, the silver aluminum cover looks elegant, and very important, it isn’t fingerprint magnet.

Unlike the previous version (Yes, I bought the n53sv-xe1 but I returned it back), this Asus EH72 doesn’t have any flexes on its keyboard.

It has 15.6 inch bright and vivid screen, and better viewing angles.

A little drawback is the keyboard, although it is a full keyboard with numpad on the right, it needs some times to get used to, and I wish it was backlit.

ASUS N53SV-EH72 Specs : Screen Resolution and more

Processor, I believe the 2.2GHz Intel Core i7-2670QM processor is the best feature, with turbo boast technology 2 up to 3.1GHz when needed, definitely powerful enough than you would expect from any machines anywhere close to this price and specs.

asus n53sv-eh72

Memory, it has 6 gigs of RAM (yes 6 instead of 4!) and this is what really nice, you can expand it, and even you don’t expand it, it has more than enough memory for your computing needs.

Fancy 500GB hard drive with 7200RPM speed. Which simply means, you will get the best performance possible without having to pay hundreds dollars for pricey SSD hard drives.

Includes a nice Ge Force GT540M video card, which is great for anyone who frequently run anything. For gamers, I have played Fallout new Vegas, as well as Black Ops with 1080p graphic settings, high on both of them, and they run well.

Furthermore, the ability to switch between nvidia GPU and Intel HD graphics automatically, depending on performance and power needs is an awesome feature.

Although if you want to play them all on highest setting, I would look other gaming laptop though.

Display, the display with 1920×1080 resolution is absolutely worth getting over the other model as there is a difference, in my opinion getting a 1080p for around $50 more. (the other model has 1368×768 standard resolution) And you will definitely notice the difference between this laptop’s screen and most 720p laptops available out there!

The ASUS EH72 speakers are the best speakers I have ever heard, for any audiophiles out there, this machine’s speaker won’t you let down.

For battery life, it has average battery life for a 15 inch laptop. I tested, got almost 4-5 hours with sandy bridge and nvidia optimus feature in highest performance setting, while doing my daily computing, for instance, working with documents and internet use via wifi.

The automatic ability to switch between Intel HD graphics and the NVIDIA GPU based on power and performance requirements is awesome.

asus n53sv-eh72

ASUS N53SV-EH72 15.6-Inch Full HD Dynamic Entertainment Laptop (Silver Aluminum)

Overall, this ASUS N53SV-EH72 15.6-Inch Full HD Dynamic Entertainment Laptop (Silver Aluminum) is absolutely the best machine you can get for the price. There is certainly no other laptops on the market now with this value. The core factors (7500rpm hard drive, 2.2GHZ i7 processor, 1080p screen, sound system, graphics card) are absolutely unbeatable.

ASUS N53SV-EH72 offers a 15″ laptop portability and a desktop replacement performance.

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