ASUS SL101-A1-WT Review |ASUS SL101-A1-WT 10.1-Inch 16GB Tablet (White)

ASUS SL101-A1-WT Review

ASUS SL101-A1-WT is not a perfect tablet.

It absolutely offers a fantastic deal in terms of flexibility and features, and of course, the price more reasonable than the “leader” tablet at this time.

The most important is the Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) offers you so much freedom without “jailbreak”. (see more details here)

I personally decided to get this white ASUS SL101 as soon as it was available because it is definitely the first tablet that has a slider along with the keyboard integrated.

I really love the slider since I am often mobile, and doing serious computing..I’m much more comfortable with a physical keyboard.

asus sl101-a1-wt


I have only been experiencing this tablet for a couple of weeks, and I can only say, I am very pleased with this product.

Speaking of ergonomic, while it has a slightly more weight than Apple iPad2, but not significantly, it has really amazing gorilla glass 10.1 inch screen which has 1280 x 800 resolution (more pixels) which is really good to watch movies, because it’s more wide.

The screen is totally smooth, and very solid.

Honestly, I am not really “heavy touch” user, but I am certainly pleased with this tablet’s screen.

The high resolution makes intensive multitasking not only practical, but also much more convenient.

The ASUS SL101-A1-WT slider (keyboard).

I must confess that before I received my Asus tablet, I was worried about the cable which connects the slider and the display.

But I’m pleased because there is a metal sheet that protects the cable, so it’s safe.

I have used the slider extensively, and as a netbook user, I immediately noticed that the keyboard is obviously slightly smaller than my netbook’s but it feels very good, and nice to type on.

The physical keyboard is integrated very well with the tablet, and it has a solid sliding system.

My experience with this ASUS SL101-A1-WT tablet.

I love the slider of this ASUS SL101 tablet model, and Android operating system (3.2 Honeycomb) is really nifty.

Before I purchased this tablet, I have read a lot people saying that you need to be a tech savvy to use an Android device, but that’s absolutely not true.

An idiot can customize and use an Android tablet, seriously. Furthermore, this ASUS SL101-A1-WT tablet includes a few preinstalled useful apps (such as Asus launcher, live wallpaper app, etc).

Android 3.2 runs like a dream, and I actually love the Asus launcher (typically, I use LauncherPro exclusively) – they’ve included some thoughtful features like a battery-centric live wallpaper and helpful media consolidation apps.

The battery life is great, depends on the usage, but I could get mine for 7-8 hours for a non-heavy usage (checking emails, viewing maps, browsing internet), and for gaming, or watch a 2.5 hour movies the battery will significantly get shorter.

asus sl101-a1-wt

In conclusion, ASUS SL101-A1 is a great tablet with an astounding screen, powerful processor (nvidia tegra 2), really good speakers, responsive gorilla glass touchscreen, great apps, and a very good alternative to a netbook or a laptop If you’re looking for a super portable device with long lasting battery life.

ASUS SL101-A1-WT is everything I had expected it would be, it’s a practical replacement for a regular laptop, with all the portability and a tablet’s features with the excellent sliding keyboard system.

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