ASUS SL101-B1-BR Review |ASUS SL101-B1-BR 10.1-Inch 32GB Tablet (Mocha)

ASUS SL101-B1-BR Review – Overview

I’ve been waiting quite a while for a tablet with a “keyboard” because I find it would be a lot easier at times to type on a physical keyboard.

The ASUS SL101-B1-BR tablet with its eee pad slider offers the best of both worlds.

It offers the physical keyboard for you to hold, as well as long battery life, this is very useful when you watch movies and browsing websites at a time.

There are some minor downsides that I would definitely improve on this tablet, I wish this ablet was a bit lighter, I really can notice the weight after a few weeks use.

I also would prefer some rubberized finish on the tablet’s back to provide a better grip.

ASUS SL101-B1-BR 10.1-Inch 32GB Tablet (Mocha)

However, out of the box this ASUS SL101-B1-BR tablet is a well packed, covered by plastic material film on every single surface.

The construction and build quality is pretty good, it has scratch resistance textured on the back that also seems to be anti finger print.

The built-in 5MP rear camera is really nice placed, so your fingers won’t cover it whenever it is in use.

The 10.1 inch IPS screen has really practical ratio (capacitive and gorilla glass of course), I was able to watch HD movies without having black bars.

The display has 1280 x 800 resolution (this means, it has about 35% extra pixels than the iPad), perfect viewing angles, 178 degree, well saturated colors, and fast screen response.

asus sl101-b1-br
Gorilla glass IPS screen

Using this tablet on portrait mode is great if you want to read ebooks or viewing long document.

Personally, I am using the kindle app rather than Asus ebook reader app, although it’s decent.

The new Android 3.2 honeycomb OS is certainly excellent, it’s specifically built for tablet devices. Combined with the nvidia tegra 2 processor, makes this tablet is a true multitasking device, I run several apps, and the CPU can handle it, playing games is a joy when you have no lag.

Web browser works with Flash content, and it does give great sound from the speakers. It’s stereo, so really nice when you are watching movies or even playing angry birds :)

The built-in rear and front camera do their jobs very good. Switching between the front and the back cameras is simple, and they can take really nice pictures.

The 5MP rear camera works fine in a lower light environment, but as with phone’s camera types, you will get better result when you have more light.

Android really offers anything that you need for your tablet, you will definitely know some features if you have ever used a droid phone.

Just like the Asus eeepad transformer connected with its transformer docking station, this ASUS SL101-B1-BR tablet offers lots of connectivity, you will have USB port, micro-SD slot, HDMI out, headphone, bluetooth etc.

I really love the slider keyboard, because it really feels like I am using a netbook, and with many shortcut keys predefined, it’s very impressive. Both typing on tablet or using the slider keyboard is enjoyable.

The battery life is incredibly good- much better than expected.

Although depending on what you are doing, I really cannot compare it to any other tablets out there, as I could get 7-8 hours battery life very easily.

asus sl101-b1-br

ASUS SL101-B1-BR Review – Summary

If you are looking for a a more productive tablet, then I will absolutely recommend this ASUS tablet.

This tablet is as fascinating as it is effective. The ASUS SL101-B1-BR tablet is the only tablet that fullfills the true productivity functionality rather than just a toy.

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