ASUS U30SD-XA1 Review |ASUS U30SD-XA1 13.3-Inch Thin and Light Laptop (Black)

ASUS U30SD-XA1 – ASUS U30SD model

I have had this ASUS U30SD-XA1 13.3-Inch Thin and Light Laptop (Black) for a few weeks now, because I was searching a i5 powered laptop for my class.

I also love to work with videos and image editing, so I needed a machine with nice specs and still fits the bill.(got it at $600 here)

My old laptop went dead after six faithful years, so I went checking on the same brand, Asus and this laptop was the best price for its specification so I decided on purchasing this ASUS U30SD-XA1 and I am glad I did it!

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asus u30sd

Good looking and portable

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This unit is a fantastic little laptop, really lightweight, and it is good looking too.

I really like the texture and the feeling, it feels solid at hand, you will be able getting a solid grip on this laptop.

ASUS U30SD-XA1 Specs and Features

The i5 dual core processor is fast, it does its job perfectly, especially after I removed most of the bloatwares that are pre-installed.

Nowadays, every laptops comes with those unnecessary stuff! The i5 dual core processor works really fast, it is proved when I was running multiple windows, it performs smoothly without any problems.

Although it has really nice keyboard, it is not backlit. But we can’t have everything I suppose.

asus u30sd-xa1

Ports details

The keyboard is the best keyboard I have ever head, very comfortable to type on (it has finish rubberized keys) and unike other laptop’s keyboards, you will find no flex on it, and it is not loud when you are typing, which is really nice!.

I found this ASUS U30SD model has a good quality screen although small, but still useful for my work because its portability. (it has even DVD drive, amazing).

The screen was by default a bit bright but I lowered the contrast setting and it was solved. It is also glossy, but which laptop isn’t nowadays? most of them are hard to use when you are outdoor.

The best part of this ASUS U30SD-XA1 is its amazing battery life with the abilities to switched the mode to save its battery life.

I could get about 8 hours if I use it on “battery mode” and 6 hours if I use it on “high performance mode”.

Although this asus 13.3 laptop is small, it runs all of my games perfectly without heating issues. I could run my games (including Starcraft II) on high fps.

The built-in webcam is quite good, I use it and it works fine when I used it with the microphone which is also intregated in this ASUS U30SD laptop.

ASUS U30SD-XA1 Review – Summary

Overall this ASUS U30SD XA1 laptop is an excellent purchase with my hard earned money, very light, portable, and it has the best chicklet keyboard I have seen on a 13.3 laptop.

asus u30sd-xa1


I could only recommend this ASUS U30SD-XA1, a relatively affordable i5 based laptop, that has amazing battery life and performance.

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