ASUS U31SD-XA1 Review |ASUS U31SD 13.3-Inch Laptop (Silver)

ASUS U31SD Review – U31SD-XA1 Model

I have purchased this incredible ASUS U31SD-XA1 laptop more than two weeks ago and I must say this Asus laptop really feels and looks a lot better than 1000 bucks laptop! (got it at $549)

I was actually searching for a notebook which will include all the capabilities I want from a laptop.

The very important feature I really wanted has been a laptop which had an excellent battery life more than average 3-4 hours for the daily use, solid performance like my desktop, good graphics card which will cope with current computer games which are popular right now but I want a thin, small laptop BUT also include an optical drive.

asus u31sd-xa1


I did deeper research and came into this ASUS U31SD-XA1 13.3-Inch Laptop (Silver), it had all specs that I needed.

This laptop has amazing battery life! I got mine 7 hours while surfing the Internet, watching and streaming online videos, as well as downloading mp3s. I used the energy setting setting.

ASUS U31SD-XA1 Specs and Features

The built quality is absolutely very good. The aluminium built on this laptop is fantastic.

Your palm rest does always feel really comfortable. The chicklet keyboard is also very nice, I really like it. I can now type easily, it is very responsive as well.

The included track pad is great, very responsive and the hand-gesture feature is really nice, I find it very comfortable to use than using an USB mouse.

The optical drive is always beneficial since it is always more nice if you would like install additional programs or applications into your laptop (also nice if you want to make some backups with the disks).

It comes with 500GB hard drive which is pretty good and it depends on the user, some would feel it’s never enough, but a 500gb is big storage for me.

Lastly, because of the 2nd generation of Intel Core i3 (2310M) CPU/processor, this ASUS U31SD model is no doubt a great performer. Combine with the Operating System, Windows 7 64-bit as well as 4gb of RAM, multitasking is really a satisfaction.

For its graphics system, which are integrated graphics along with NVIDIA 520M with 1GB VRAM and also the auto switching Optimus technology are exceptional and will allow smooth transition regarding integrated and also dedicated graphics, based on your need actually, and surprisingly it does help the amazing battery life.

The USB 3.0 and HDMI ports are standard features nowadays and always good to have, as well as the SD card reader.

For playing games, I have tested with World of Warcraft, and the graphics perform really well.

Speaking of downside, I think the speakers is fairly fine, but it could have been better. But it is a laptop anyway.

asus u31sd-xa1

ASUS U31SD-XA1 Review Summary

With i3 processor, incredible long lasting battery life, great graphic system, portable 13 inch machine, solid built quality, 500gb hard drive, I think this ASUS U31SD laptop is fantastic machine.

It is definitely not a perfect laptop available, but I am very pleased with the very great balance of the portability and performance of this ASUS U31SD-XA1 so far.

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