ASUS UX21E-DH71 Review 11.6-Inch Thin and Light Ultrabook Laptop (Silver Aluminum)

ASUS UX21E-DH71 Review – Overview

ASUS UX21E-DH71 build quality is very good throughout the entire machine. (got it at $1099)

The entire laptop body feels really nice, and I haven’t found any flexing on palm rest or its keyboard.

The frame also seems to be fingerprints resistance.

The very first note I have to mention is the lack of DVD drive.

It may be a dealbreaker for many people, but actually, that was my requirement while I was looking for a new portable laptop.

For a lot of people I know, including myself the optical drive becomes mostly unused.

In four years, I have used the optical drive perhaps 4 or 5 times with my older laptop. If I hardly use it, I don’t see any reasons to have additional weight and carry it around everyday.



If I ever have to install an application from a DVD, I will just buy an external USB drive for around $15 and it will be just fine.

Physical media stuff for instance CDs are nowadays obsolete and I am really glad I don’t need them with this lightweight laptop.

ASUS UX21E-DH71 Specs and Features

This ASUS UX21E model is incredibly thin, the 1st thing everybody said whenever they saw it for the first time. Slightly thinner than a 11 inch 2011 MacBook Air, I am very pleased with the entire design of this laptop.

Performance wise, I believe it’s this unit’s best aspect, it has the size of a netbook, but comes with a dual core i7 Sandy Bridge processor with 1.8GHz more than adequate power that you could expect from any machines at this size.

Carries 4GB of RAM, definitely powerful enough to do lots of things you will want to do, plus I will install Linux on this machine.

Here is where it gets great this small laptop comes with 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD), if what you need is speed, this is exactly the benefit of a solid state drive.

The keyboard is very nice. I would say nothing fancy about it, the keys have the same coating as the laptop, feels good but I wish it has a backlit keyboard, but perhaps I had to order it from Asus in order to get this ultraportable form factor.

The 11.6 inch screen is pretty clear and has rich colors with reasonably good resolution (1366 x 768), and good viewing angles.

I have not had any heat problems with this ASUS UX21E-DH71 laptop yet, however I would not be expecting any with what I have put on it so far. This machine runs perfectly alright with tons of tabs open in Firefox, plus in the background running a torrent client and playing high definition movies.

I have tried to edit some video editing software or playing Starcraft and I am absolutely not disappointed. Just remember this is a laptop not a gaming machine, you should run your games with reasonable fps and medium settings.

The battery life is very respectable, I could get 6-7 hours with basic use, and when you set the brightness a little bit lower while browsing the web or watching movies, you will get easily one hour longer.


ASUS UX21E-DH71 Review – Summary

Now to wrap it up, I truly love this ultra portable Asus laptop. I personally would recommend it to anyone who are searching for perfect combination of a lightweight netbook and a powerful laptop, easy to carry and long battery life.

ASUS UX21E-DH71 is a fantastic ultra portable laptop.

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