At This Place The Current Query Includes More Than 300 Dump Lines

“Stopped at the line 919.
At this place the current query includes more than 300 dump lines. That can happen if your dump file was created by some tool which doesn’t place a semicolon followed by a linebreak at the end of each query, or if your dump contains extended inserts. Please read the BigDump FAQs for more infos.”

You will possibly get  if we try to import large database with BigDump.

It is basically because your SQl file backup is taking too long queries for BigDump.

Eventhough i have copied my wordpress blog to my PC using BigDump using this method, see this copy online blog to pc post, i never encounter this problem.

If you have this problem, it is usually because the line is too long, so we need to start another statement with the line: insert into ‘wp_table’ (‘object id’, ‘example_field’) Values

The line will be similar to example line above.

The message will look like.


1. Open the backup sql file, with a notepad or any HTML editor, and find that line which is almost similar above, which starts with ‘INSERT INTO’

2. Highlight that line until the “VALUES” text to copy.

3. Count the followed 300 lines, then you can put a ; (semicolon) to the end of the line, and paste the line with “INSERT INTO bla-bla VALUES” in step 1.

Repeat it again if it needs to, and then you can try to import again.

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