Autoblog And Google |Is Autoblogging dead?

Autoblog and Google matter has been very hot topic in the last months

Do you remember about Google content farmer issue in the beginning of this year, 2011? As an owner of many autoblogs (related: best autoblog plugin), I have been affected and also watching this “Autoblog and Google” situation “more” carefully.

Actually I wanted to write this “Autoblog and Google” post already long time ago, but I have chosen to see the situation for a few months first, and then write something about it.

If you are a webmaster or blogger or even also owning autoblogs like myself, you probably knew this problem too.

At that day, when a giant Search Engine like Google (or known as big G) announced their new algorithms to fight low quality sites, that incredibly affected Search Engine Result Pages of many aged respected article website, for instance, And surely, EZA is not the only website which was affected.

The list of aged websites go on, including low-quality sites or autoblogs.

Nearly all autoblogs were slapped very hard by that algorithm update, and I also admit, that my autoblogs (all of them) were dead and gone from their previous rankings.

Who did replace those autoblogs? well not all of them do have high quality either, many of them were press release websites.

Those autoblogs were actually not banned or de-indexed, but their rankings were very low, from the first page of Google to the 100th or more page.

Autoblog and Google — One of my Autoblog demo

When I wrote about the best autoblog plugin for wordpress last year (also related: wp-robot vs Autoblog Samurai), I also introduced my first autoblog demo website which is, the top 10 antivirus blog.

This blog was in the first of big G page a few months after I built it. Even one of my commenters was also surprised about it – the fact that an Autoblog rank very high in Google. (Related: Best SEO Plugin for Google ranking).

This was actually what my commenter said about my autoblog demo last year:

Wow. What I can say is awesome. Although some content is a bit weird but overall content is well structure, the title looks very natural and rank well in search engine!

autoblog and google

The screenshot of the comment

Well that was last year, now that blog still alive but it does not rank well, not because of Autoblog and Google algorithm update but because of something else that I will write in the next paragraph..

Autoblog and Google – The facts now

In my yesterday post, “Hire someone for your blog, things to be aware of”, I actually mentioned in that post itself, that, based on my experience, there is (or are) advantage (s) or disadvantage(s) to be active in a forum.

One big common advantage of being a forum member, is actually you can put your blog URL address in your user signature for backlink.

However there is a huge disadvantage that I just realized and it was too late.

The people who have same interest as you, as a blogger who want to earn from their blogs will evaluate your “new” blog and steal your keyword. Two possibilities of course, you win or loose.

In my case, of course I loose, because my blog was an autoblog, which was in “low-quality” sites category.

So my point is, my autoblog demo that I have mentioned above was actually already in a very low ranking long before the Autoblog and Google war. The cause?

Because of my competitors, it was my fault that I was proud introducing my first autoblog in a forum. Of course some other members checked my blog’s infos, such as keywords, and its ranking.

So surely any other unique blog beats an autoblog. I did not really care anyway, because I have many of them.

Now you might ask, and now, how is autoblog and Google content farmer issue? Yes, my autoblogs were all dead, but it was only for a few months..After a few months it lost its traffic now they seem to get back but slowly. A small tip if one is dead, build another one..

I really thought it would be forever, but they weren’t. Autoblog and Google content farmer has changed everything but not extreme.

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