Autoblog Niches Tips

What niches or topics you should run wordpress with autoblog software and what facts you may get if you want to start an autoblog.

Good Autoblogs softwares are not free, you have to pay for it and then you can use autoblog in your wordpress blog. However if you plan to use it in your blog, i assume you also want to earn money from your blog.

So i am doing some researches these days, here are top niches for your autoblogs. if you plan to start any.

  • Movies streaming (be careful with some copyrighted stuff, i recommend you do some researches, else your site can be banned for a life by Google :( )
  • Technology and Gadgets (mobile phone, blackberries, etc)
  • Gaming sites
  • Celebrity Gossips
  • Blogging tips

Those are the most popular niches that I am aware of, and of course you can look for some top niches keywords with this video and article guide.

Facts of autoblog you may have:

Autoblogging is basically you have your blog’s contents from other sites. So if someone posted an article in his blog, autoblog can detect via rss and put this content in your site.

Note, do not erase the original link, because the blog owner gets notified if their posts are displayed in your blog. This i know because whenever i published my post, few minutes later, some autoblogs sent me trackbacks, and when i check, my contents are on their blogs.

So at this point, those autoblogs have no unique content or it just has poor quality, so do not be surprised if you will have problems with Google or other search engines regarding your site’s reputations. Not that i discourage you, but this is just the real facts, and i am sure there are lots of successful autoblogs out there.

Another alternative to an autoblog if you really do not have time to write some contents in your wordpress blog is hiring writers. You can find them in some forums or freelancer site to hire writers. But be careful with internet scams and be sure that what they write is also original contents.

The most popular nowadays, use the best wordpress autoblog plugin, wp-robot, and your blog will run automatically.

Video useful tips if you run an autoblog!

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  1. someone@christmas gift says

    i arrive here by google type auto blog niche. i have used autoblogsamurai that is amazing tool but i don’t make money from it. :( would you make a post about how to make money with auto blog? or tips and trick about this topic? how to get backlink for that site.

  2. Rafiqul Islam says

    Here I’ve got some information about Autoblogging. Thanks, for your post. I think I will find here many things to learn.

  3. someone says

    thank for the information, I plan to buy wp robot but I am afraid if my adsense or my blog would be banned by google. how long have you been using wp robot? do ever get banned because of the plugin?

    • says

      Hi there,

      I use wp-robot, but for other blogs, and I don’t use adsense for my autoblogs’s monetization, since I am also afraid to get banned.

      Because once you are banned from adsense, it is almost impossible to get it back again.

      I only can recommend do not use adsense in your autoblog.