Autoblog theme (Best Choice)

Autoblog theme — it needs to be a special theme.

When you want to set up an autoblog, you would be probably looking for more informations about it.

I have seen a lot of people telling me that it is a waste of time and i do not agree with this.

People who are mostly bloggers hate autoblogs, which i wonder why. If autoblogs scrap your excerpts and link back to your site, then they give you free backlinks, and this is benefit for our site in SERPs.

For the autoblog owner, they mostly monetise their blogs with AdSense or other advertising networks. Infolinks are most popular ads for autoblog.

They can be very useful both for the owner and the visitors.

They should contain helpful informations for the readers who searched specific keywords. (find how i increase keyword density of my post).

From my own experience, if you need to set up an autoblog, you will need a special autoblog theme.

Autoblog theme , why is it important?

As stated above, autoblogs are useful for people, but they are known to have low quality content, as they put other people content summaries, Yahoo Answers, YouTube, Forums, Amazon, etc.

For the best autoblog plugin, i recommend wp robot 3 because it has lots of features that other autoblog plugins do not have. It allows you have the demo before you buy it. You can download the demo plugin here.

Contents of Autoblogs are not unique, but informative. Eventhough you can make them unique for Google, and how i notice some autoblogs rank higher than this blog!.

If your autoblog does not have a good autoblog theme, good theme in this case means, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) out of the box, then it is difficult to rank.

If you can’t rank good with those autoblogs, then you just waste your money for them.

Autoblog theme, use most SEO optimized themes.

Since i am also running many autoblogs, one of them is top 10 antivirus blog which uses a SEO autoblog theme, i would advice (based on experience) to use these themes:

autoblog theme

My autoblog uses Thesis.

1. Genesis theme. (the child theme).

Genesis is a SEO optimised autoblog theme, and also easy to modify to put adsense or affiliate banners on your header, as well as in the adsense in sidebars.

Having autoblog is mainly because you want to earn “extra” money, and it first have to be “On page” optimised.

2. Thesis theme.

Everyone knows that Thesis is the most best SEO wordpress theme on the Internet (otherwise Google staff would not choose it among the others). So it is obvious, Thesis is a good option for an autoblog theme.

I recommend Thesis after Genesis, because you need to know coding to have banner on your header. If you want to use Thesis and buy with this link, and need to put a banner above the header like in this blog, contact me, i will help for free.

The difference between Thesis and Genesis autoblog theme in this case is, Genesis does have widgetized header, at least for Coorperate child theme.

But from the price between them two, Thesis is cheaper autoblog theme, because you do not have to buy child theme to get your widgetized header for the banner placement.

This autoblog theme lists are my recommendations.

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