Automatic Post on Facebook With WordPress Posts

Automatic Post on Facebook – Promoting your blog

Since Google Panda updates, a lot of people or webmasters and bloggers realize that expecting only Google traffic can be risky.

Combining SEO optimization for Search Engines, writing your content, and making blog popular through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter is important.

If you already use Twitter for promoting your articles in your website, I am sure you would want to automatically tweet your posts to your twitter account.

If you have not done so, you might want to check my post which is titles, how to automatically tweet blog post using WordPress and Google feedburner.
Now if you are really new into wordpress, and you have not taken advantage of your RSS feed, you might want to see my post which is about activating wordpress RSS feed with Feedburner.

Feedburner is a service site from Google, although you can also use Feedblitz as Feedburner alternative. I am using Google feedburner in this blog.

Facebook is the most visited networking site all around the world. To be honest, I did not really use FB in the past, but now I am using it, really addicting. But I have not used it for this blog, only for private account and private website.

There are many features of Facebook that you can use to promote your blog or make your blog popular. One of them is importing your RSS feed to Facebook.

Automatic Post on Facebook with wordpress posts without plugin

In this automatic post on Facebook with wordpress posts article, we will do automatic post on Facebook without using wordpress plugins.

I personally do not know if there is any plugins to post your article automatically on your Facebook account, but if there are any, I would not use it too.

Because having one extra plugin can slow down our blog, due to the script loading of the plugin itself, and we can achieve what we want very easily with external sites or even Facebook popular application.

How to automatic post on Facebook with WordPress posts

Actually you can also import your blog RSS feed to Facebook using the “notes” feature. However, sometimes it is a bit buggy, that it will show you a message that states you have a small error, so you can’t import your feed. (related: Facebook import rss not working)

automatic post on facebook

Although, you can wait until it works, (I have tried it too in several days, and suddenly worked), you can also try these two services.

To automatic post on Facebook, I am using these two services apart of trying manually importing blog’s feed to Facebook:


To me, this is the most easiest way to post any updates in my wordpress blog to Facebook wall, and even FB page. (surely, you have to create a FB page, then you can use Twitterfeed).

How to use this service site is also straight forward. You will need to register with an email address, and then import your Feed to this site, and this site will post your site’s updates to your Facebook account.

2. RSS Graffiti app.

RSS Graffiti app is one of the most popular Facebook applications, and you can use it for your blog without any extra costs.

To use it is simply logging in to your FB account, and allow this app to automatic post on Facebook whenever you write new posts in your blog.

If you use Facebook, and have not done automatic post on Facebook, I suggest you to start it now, especially if you have a lot of FB friends.

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